Omnibus College Football Thread 2021-22

Not worth engaging when you’re in this “state”.

Who’s your team, cupcake?

Kansas State. We’ve never won anything, and likely never will. In fact, we’re probably historically one of the worst football programs of all time.

I don’t base my self esteem on my college’s sports accomplishments.

Go get some coffee and calm down macho man.

The woke police are after me. I can’t post anymore.

Prior to November 24, 1988, me and the data would have agreed with you. On that day, things changed dramatically and I still believe that he did more with less than just about anyone else has ever done.

Surprised there’s no commentary on yesterday’s games. Let’s recap:


  • Kentucky takes its first loss (to Georgia), but is still in 2nd in the SEC East.
  • Ole Miss wins a squeaker at Rocky Top that will surely result in a fine/penalties for Tennessee for throwing debris on the field (although they were supposedly throwing at Lane Kiffin so that may work in their favor).
  • Auburn (probably) knocks Arkansas out of the Top25 by handing them their 3rd loss.
  • LSU takes out Florida in a “defensive shootout” (score was 42-49) - which should drop the Gators out of the T25.


  • Clemson narrowly escapes at Syracuse.
  • NC State - inexplicably at #22 despite only having one loss and with multiple 2-loss (now 3-loss) SEC teams ahead of them - handles BC easily.
  • FSU did NOT lose! (off week) :slight_smile:

Big 12

  • Oklahoma and OK State both stay undefeated. That last weekend in November is setting up to be exciting.
  • UT lost to OK State.
  • BYU (5-1 and ranked #19) loses to Baylor (5-1 and unranked). Go figure.


  • Oregon scores in the 4th to beat 1-4 Cal. Asahi declares them the #4 team in the country.
  • #18 Arizona St loses to Utah.


  • #2 Iowa goes down to unranked Purdue 24-7!
  • Michigan St stays undefeated, squeaking by perennial powerhouse Indiana.
  • Ohio St and Michigan are off, but most of the country roots for them to lose anyway.


  • Cincinnati destroys UCF, remains undefeated. The Playoff Committee goes into emergency session to consider a rule that declares that teams from Cincinnati are ineligible for the CFP. ESPN declares the win “doesn’t count” and says OK should move to #2. Kurt Herbstreit openly wonders if Cincinnati is “secretly using Bengals’ players” because there’s no way they could be this good otherwise.
  • San Diego St beats the other San Something St in 2OT. A game which featured an 86 (!) yard punt (and, if morning SportsCenter is to be believed, no other plays whatsoever).

Oregon was lucky not to have a Stanford-style repeat.

[quote=“Zakalwe, post:187, topic:949688, full:true”]
Surprised there’s no commentary on yesterday’s games.[/quote]
You forgot one:

UConn wins! UConn wins! Okay, it was against Yale, but still, that means that Arizona is the only winless FBS team remaining.

There’s a good chance that both OU and OK State will remain undefeated until they meet in the last weekend of the regular season. Should that happen, they will again play each other the next weekend in the B12 championship game.

An undefeated B12 champion would have to be included the CFP. A once-beaten B12 champion might very well be left out.

OK, my Spartans had a lackluster first half against Indiana. It looked like Dantonio came back to call the offense. Run the ball up the gut and if it doesn’t work, try it again and again. Still, it was a gutty win on the road against a decent team. But they’ll probably fall in the poll today because they’re not in the SEC. Mind you, if Alabama were to host Sam Houston Institute of Technology and eke out a 6-overtime win, they’d go up in the polls but that’s because they’re Alabama and have a God-given right to move up in the polls every week unless they’re already number one.

Iowa had a terrible no good rotten very bad day. They’re still a good team. But because they’re not in the SEC, one loss disqualifies them from the playoffs.

Just a little fun showing how tricky ranking teams can be sometimes.

Team Record Opp. Median Rank Opp. Mean Rank Pts. For Pts. Against
A 6-1 47 52 315 141
B 6-0 35 42 159 117
C 5-1 81 79 203 126
D 6-0 83 73 261 82

Armed with just the above, I’d probably give the top ranking to “B”, but it would be close. “A” would get strong consideration as the point differential is much greater. I still think that the opponent strengths are close enough that I’d tilt to “B” for now, with “A” a close second. Slightly better overall opponents and zero losses, albeit in closer games. “A” has also played one more game than the others, so they are technically further along in their schedule and should get a boost for it. I’d not really have an issue with calling “A” and “B” close to a tie until “B” catches up in games played.

I’d give the third slot to “D”. Better record than “A” and a killer point differential, but pretty weak opposition over all.

In last place, and not particularly close, is “C”. Basically the same weak opposition as “D”, with a far worse point differential and a loss to boot.

Who dat? Obviously none of them are LSU.

Filler added so that spoiled name lengths are unidentifiable.
A. Alabama|XXXXX
B. Oklahoma State
C. Oregon|XXXXX
D. Cincinnati|XXXX

Edited to add: When determining opposition ranks, if it was an FCS team, I added 50 to their rankings. So the top ranked FCS team would count as a rank of 51, while a 75th ranked FCS team would be a 125.

And remember, transitive property fans (you know who you are), this is the same BYU that schooled the PAC 12.

Orgeron becomes the first to fall! (Sort of - he’s finishing the season):

$17.8M buyout. I need to find a way to suck at work and get paid like that…

He had to go – not just because of the last two seasons but because of his failure to report sexual assault. He cannot manage a major program. He’s assistant coaching material and maybe an interim coach, but he can’t handle the responsibilities of being a head coach and leader of a major program. He benefitted from what Les Miles left behind. To his credit he didn’t screw up a sure thing. But that was his apex. It’s downhill from here. We need a new coach. Hopefully James Franklin but I doubt he goes to LSU; Franklin’s probably headed to USC, where they can pay him some serious coin and he can be a West Coast media star.

The SEC is going to end up in some sort of weird “tragedy of the commons” situation. You’ll have 6-8 teams all firing their coach every 4 years because he didn’t win it all every other year. And, after awhile, none of them will win it all ever. Realistic expectations need to be a part of the game and LSU better adjust to that. You’re in the same division with Alabama (with Texas A&M rapidly rising). Get used to fighting for 2nd in the SEC West with down years and years where you actually win it. And frankly, over time, the former will outnumber the latter.

With all that said, I actually agree that Orgeron’s problems extended far off the field, but if he was 6-0, would it matter? At that point, not many LSU homers would give a shit about the sexual assault - which is sad commentary on the state of college athletics. He’s getting fired for losing, the other issues provide some “see! we’re sensitive” cover, but ultimately had little to no influence on the actual decision.

Get used to fighting for 2nd? Bro, that’s pretty much every year since 2008 - we’re used to it. What we’re not used to is not being competitive, particularly given the high school talent between Houston and Mobile, AL, which LSU recruits.

Losing to Alabama? We get that. Losing to Mississippi St or Auburn two years in a row? No. Not tolerable.

To (mis)quote Justin Timberlake:
Come on down to Tennessee-town!

I fear my beloved 'Noles are headed in the same direction. Too many schools, too little talent, and the coaching carousel begins…round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

Rumor has it that LSU is looking at Michigan State’s Mel Tucker. I hope it doesn’t happen, stealing Saban was bad enough.

I heard a rumor that Jon Gruden is available. I’m going to think about the culture fit for a bit.

And Alabama ascends back into the Top 4, as God intended.