On the 13th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me....

13 Storks a-standing

14 plumbers plumbing

15 Lawyers Litigating

16 candles burning

17 prime numbers

18 vikings viking

Man those IVF doctors are shamless! ! !

17 plowtrucks plowing (Why, yes, I AM in the path of the storm, why do you ask?)


ETA: 19 ninja’s posting?!?

20 Straight Dope Posts!

21 (left for others)
22 (left for others)
23 Marleys Modding


21 twits a-tweeting!

You’re off meter.

“21 bazookas”

22 Flappers skidooing?

24 and twenty blackbirds

Twenty fiiiiiiive onioooooooooon riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

26 cups of Tea.

27 Ford Fairlains

28 Strippers Stripping

Darn–I was hoping the 14th day would be 14 k of p in (or whatever that annoying non-puzzle was). Carry on

29 caps of lithium

30 pistons thrusting.