One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Since my last attempt to run a game of The Resistance:Avalon went no where and has now dropped off the page, I will try something else. I will moderate a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which has become a big hit in the social deduction category of the board game world. If you would like to play, you should be able to get on the Dope at least once a day. The game should take about a week once it gets started. I will run the game with from three to ten players.
One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a game whose idea originated with the game of Werewolf (or Mafia). But instead of a series of Day/Night segments, there will be one “Night” segment where actions are taken, then one Day segment where discussion will take place, with a vote at the end.

Each player in the game will randomly and secretly be given a role from the following list. The number of roles used will be X + 3, where X is the number of players. The first X + 3 roles in the following list will be the ones used.

The roles:

  1. Werewolf
  2. Werewolf
  3. Villager
  4. Villager
  5. Robber
  6. Troublemaker
  7. Seer
  8. Tanner
  9. Hunter
  10. Drunk
  11. Insomniac
  12. Villager(if only 9 players) or Mason (if 10 players)
  13. Mason

(The retail game also comes with a Doppelganger and a Minion, but I will not be using those roles).
Since there are three more roles in the game than players, not all roles will be given out. They may come into play later, though.

Once players have been given their roles, they will then be asked to take their Night actions if they have any. Those will be the following, and while I will ask everyone to submit their actions after I have notified them of their role, they will be done in the following order.

  1. Werewolves - If both werewolves are in the game, then they will be told who each other are. If only one werewolf is in the game, then they will be told one of the roles that was not used (picked randomly).

  2. Masons - If there are Masons in the game, they will be told who each other are.

  3. Seer - The Seer can choose to be told what role one other player that they select was given, or they can choose to be told two roles that were not assigned.

  4. Robber - The robber may pick another player and switch roles with that player. The robber will be informed of what role they have received, but the other player will not be informed by me that their role has been switched.

  5. Troublemaker - The troublemaker may select two other players and have them switch roles. The other players will not be informed by me that their roles have been switched.

  6. Drunk - the Drunk will have his role switched randomly with one of the roles that was not issued to another player. He will not know what his new role is.

  7. Insomniac - The Insomniac will be told what their role is after all the other Night actions.
    The Villagers, the Tanner, and the Hunter do not have any Night actions.
    After all Night actions have been completed, there will be a period of discussion. At the end of that period of discussion each player will vote for one other player to be “killed”. They will vote by sending me a PM with their vote. The player with the most votes will be “killed”. If there is a tie, then all that tied will be killed, with one exception. If all players receive exactly one vote, then nobody dies. If the Hunter is killed, then the person the Hunter voted for is also killed.

Everyone except the werewolves are members of the village. The village wins if a werewolf dies. If there are no werewolves in the game, then the village wins if no one dies. If there are werewolves in the game, then the werewolves win by having none of them get killed.

Special case: If the Tanner is in the game, he hates his job and wants to die. The Tanner is a member of the village, but is not on the village team. The Tanner wins if he dies. If the Tanner dies and a werewolf dies, then the village also wins. If the Tanner dies, and no werewolves die, then the Tanner wins by himself. If there are no werewolves and the Tanner dies, he wins by himself.

Just to be clear, the action that you take in the Night phase is based on the role you are assigned by me, but your role once the Day phase begins is whatever you wind up with after all Night actions. So, you can see part of this game is not only figuring out who other are, but also figuring out which side you are on.

If you would like to play, just indicate by signing up in this thread. Once three players have signed up, I will give approximately two days for anyone else who is interested to sign up. I will then assign roles and allow approximately one day for players to respond with their Night actions. Once I have processed all the Night actions, I will open the Day phase to allow discussion. I will allow approximately 4 days for the Day phase. I will then ask everyone to send me there votes and will announce the results. If you have any questions, just ask in the thread.

/IN, please!

Can I just make sure I understand a few things?

If I am the Drunk, I am told I am the Drunk and then after the night, I’ll know I have a new role, just not what it is? Could I become a werewolf?

If I am a Mason, I am told who my fellow Mason is. Then can one or both of us have our roles switched?

If I am a Werewolf, can I get switched to a Villager by the Troublemaker?

If I am the Seer and want to know two roles that are unassigned, are those two roles that started out unassigned, or two roles that ended up unassigned? It looks like from the order of the actions that I know two roles that started out unassigned, and that the Drunk could later become one of the unassigned.

Has Wil Wheaton played it? That link really helped last time.

I assume that the night action taken by the werewolv(es) is to kill one villager? Do they get to communicate to choose who to kill? Do they each get a kill, or does the whole wolf team get one? Can they choose to not kill?

Does the no-lynch condition only occur if everyone in the game gets exactly one vote, or is it if everyone who gets votes gets only one vote? Can a player abstain from voting?

TexCat, you correct on everything. To be more specific:

Yes, the drunk will have a new role and not know what it is. They could be a werewolf.

Yes, the Masons could have their roles switched.

Yes, the Werewolf could be switched to a villager by the Troublemaker or Robber.

The Seer knows two roles that were originally unassigned. The Drunk could end up with one of those roles.

A clarification I need to make. I will label the unassigned roles A, B, and C and let the Seer specify which two they wish to see. I will also allow the Drunk to specify which one they want to choose (as well as allowing a lone Werewolf to choose which one to look at). So, there is some possibility of the Seer finding out what the Drunk became.

I don’t think Wil Wheaton has played this, but here is a link to the GameNight! playthrough from boardgamegeek. Watch more than the first game. If I remember correctly, the later games are better. You can also find more videos, including one with the designer playing on YouTube.

Chronos, the werewolves do not kill a villager. Their only goal is to stay alive. The only actions they take are finding out who each other are, or, if only one, then finding out an unassigned role (and there is a 1/3 chance that the unassigned role they find is just the other werewolf).

All players must vote, so the no-lynch conditions occurs when everyone has exactly one vote.

Thanks, the link really helped. I think I get it now. Let’s play!

Ok, I’m in. Clear as to the rules, confused as to the optimum play.

I have played many times and I am still confused as to optimum play. There is quite a bit of luck involved.
Players so far:


Still not clear on the rules, nor clear on whether there is any strategy. Though it looks like Town has a pretty good chance to win just by picking half of the players at random, and making sure that each of them gets exactly two votes. Or better yet, of course, if there’s any sort of indication at all of who’s who, which there will be.

I would not say there is no strategy, but this is definitely a lighter game than Werewolf or The Resistance. In fact, I wrote a review for the game on boardgamegeek and while I said the game was fun, I did think that it lacked the depth of those other games because you are not able to look back at previous votes or results for clues as to what is happening. That said, a viable strategy for someone on the village team in this game is to lie about what they did, which may then cause a werewolf to believe they are no longer a werewolf and out themselves. Of course, then you have to convince the other players that you were actually laying a trap and not just lying to protect yourself. You are correct that manufacturing tie votes can increase the villages chance of a win, but a werewolf can claim that they are going to vote one way, then switch their vote when it actually comes time, to kill a villager.

As far as the rules, I will clear up any thing I can, but the game flow is

Find out your original role
Take secret actions based on that role
Determine who won

[del]How are votes going to be resolved given the message board format? It seems like a big part of the board game is the concurrent voting, so that someone could agree to tie the vote then switch at the last minute? As run on a message board that seems a bit game breaking as people could just wait til the last minute before posting [/del]
Nevermind - didn’t read the opening post properly