Ottadope March 1, 2003! Please check in!

Check in, children!

I have reservations to make! :smiley: Some of you still need to confirm that you will be present. Remember, mother Elly will be terribly cross if you guys don’t show up.

CuriousCanuck will also likely want to know who needs to crash at his place. I’d put people up, but with the two dogs and a one bedroom apartment, people could probably only sleep in the fireplace (wait, no, that’s where my older dog sleeps) or in the puppy’s crate, with the puppy…

If anyone needs help getting from the bus terminal to wherever we are meeting LET ME KNOW - I will go meet you there and bring you back (by bus!) to where we’re all meeting. Those of you who don’t want to walk to the museum n’ all, you can get a “day pass” for our bus system, valid for the whole day, for 5$.


So - Confirmed attendees:

mr ladydisco
Elenfair, of course!

Yet to confirm:
*scottevil / jeremy --> you guys should come too!

As for skating on the canal - I think most of us agreed just to walk down to the Beaver Tails stand near the NAC and have a Beaver Tail! Those who wish to skate are welcome to! I will probably lead the group of non-skaters on a walk to the market, where we can all sit down with coffee and biscotti… Tee hee!

So - email, call, and all that jazz! If you don’t, I’m going to send CuriousCanuck after you all, and we KNOW how FIERCE he is.

Fierce, but loveable!

I’d love to go to Yuk Yku’s, so please get a reservation for me!

As for skating, I doubt that I’d be able to get my skates by Saturday, so I’m out for that.

skates into the confirmation thread

hey…am I the only one that’s going to be skating Saturday? If so, I’ll walk with the rest of ya’ll. The skates might be a bugger to carry around for the rest of the day anyway.

skates backward and does 3 crosscuts out of the confirmation thread

Looks like most people won’t be skating… but there will be BEAVER TAILS!

CuriousCanuck: Indeed, fierce but lovable. Ahem.
Lockz: Gotcha down as a yes for Yuk Yuk’s, and you MUST (MUST!) join us for the Beaver Tails, at least!
ladydisco: You know we love you anyway. :smiley:

Oh, of course!! Didn’t mean to imply that I wasn’t going to show up!

Good man.

Always fear the fierce wrath of Elenfair.

Ask lno!


you ahem me??? do not make me subject you to my considerable wrath :slight_smile:

Oh, and for skating, I will skate too if there are enough interested… it is an out of towners activity more anyway to say you skated on the worlds longest rink…

As far as carrying skates, we could always put them in someone’s car or get a locker downtown…

Failing a miracle or a parrain, it doesn’t look likely… I’ve got no money to speak of :frowning:

Damn! I would have loved to come to this!!!


I shall be there (wherever “there” is) and I shall be bringing a hug for Elenfair, fresh from MaxOverride along with his regrets, he really wanted to come too!

So what time and where again? I read something up there about a Museum…

So, do we have a place where we’re meeting for this yet? Or maybe I just haven’t read close enough.

1:00 pm Saturday, March 1, 2003 Meet at:

Second Cup - 216 Elgin St. (just south of the courthouse/war memorial/Bell building)

From there we will be heading to the Museum of Nature, then skating/walking along the canal to get Beaver Tails. From there it is off for dinner at Patty Bolands on Clarence St, at then to the 8pm show at Yuk Yuks on Albert. From there it is anyone’s guess, but drinks will be much enjoyed…

I wish I had the time and money to join you all.
Think of me, stuck in The Hammer!

OK, I’m leaving Montréal by the 4 PM bus and like I said previously I will be a the Cajun Attic tomorrow evening (my brother’s band is playing there), so if anybody want to have an early start for Ottadope I will be available there. It’s locaterd at 594 Rideau, the show starts at 9:30 PM and admission is free. You will be able to recognize me by my graying hair and salt and pepper beard.

Wish I could, but I’m working. Stupid manager… no feelings…

I used to live right across from the Cajun Attic!

Oh, and I can’t skate to save my life, so I’ll just be sitting drinking hot cocoa, thanks. :slight_smile:

OK… see most of you tomorrow!!! (unless I ame it to the attic…)

Dont forget to reserve your Yuk Yuks place with Elenfair!

21 hours to go…

ame of course means “make” in I-can’t-type-ese.