"Out of control root system" monster? C'mon, Syfy, you can do better

This is the best their writers can come up with now? Crazed tree roots? The Terror Beneath premiered tonight with this premise.

I don’t know why they haven’t used my idea, Nazi Dragodinocrocosharktopus, which I offered up a year ago.

It doesn’t matter what they call it, it always turns out to be a huge croc(k of shit.)

There’s another idea for a great movie – Crocoshit. Tiny crocodile is disposed of in a septic tank, and grows to seek revenge.

They could do a movie about a failed, super-expensive pilot: The Six Million Dollar Flop.

There was a MPSIMS thread a few weeks back about the “mimic octopus” that made me think a “MegaMimicSharktopus” SyFy movie would be awesome.

That’s been done a thousand times, and for more money than that too.

“[Syfy] can do better”?

No. I think, by now, that they have proven that they cannot.

Am I the only one who read the thread title and thought it was about Lie algebras gone bad? … probably.

I’m talking about a guy who flies planes.

Maybe they just wanted to reuse the CGI coding that went into a recent episode of Haven, where vines from a forest attacked a house.

Maybe they could get together with Dick Wolf and produce Law and Order: CGI.

If it helps, I thought it would be a computer virus that gains administrator privileges.

Same. That would have been pretty cool, actually.