Out of the storm and chaos, a... TronnaDope?

Anyone in the Toronto area want to get together in early April? :slight_smile:

I’d love to, only it’s about a 5 hour drive for me. :slight_smile:

…Which honestly isn’t as bad as I thought!

That would be cool!

Now I just gotta get the attention of some locals.
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Okay, we got a bit of echo there. Turn two down? Great.

Testing. Sibilance! SSSS

click Great. We’re up! click

Paging Kythereia, Cerowyn, and all the other Toronto-area Dopers!
Anyone want to come to a DopeFest in early April?

I might actually be in the GTA sometime around Easter… my husband has a business trip up there, and since his company allows spouses to bum the hotel rooms, I might go join him. I know a lot of people around there (since we spent a few years living in Hamilton) and would have a lot of people to see, but if it works out, I might be able to make it. Oddly, I never went to a TronnaDope, though I did meet a couple of dopers at the Hammer’s Fringe Festival one year.

That would be cool. Let us know when you’ll be in town and maybe we can firm up a date. :slight_smile:

I was hoping that there was an extra “n” in the title, and the thread was suggesting a dopefest in Trona, Ca.. Now that would be something special.

Give me the date and I’ll try my best to be there.

Great! If no-one else shows interest, I’ll make an executive decision and pull a date out of the air next week, but I’m thinking the evening of Saturday, the 7th of April. Of course, Easter might be a good idea too.

Dusty and alkaline, too!

Silly me! I just checked my calendar, and the weekend of the 7th of April IS Easter weekend!

I’ve got shows the first two weekends in April; if it was the 21st or 28th I’d be very interesting in going. Otherwise, I’ll have to be there in spirit.