Out There Sequels you think Could Work

Lifeforce…get a solid horror director. Lean more into the Quatermass and sci-fi govt. branch aspects of the film. Have Steve Railsback cameo in the beginning. Love to have Mathilda May back but not sure how it would work.

The Fog? Have a more Lovecraftian bent.

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone? Buckaroo Bonzai? Dunno if enough people saw those to make it work. Lost Boys would work.

Corey Feldman did several of lost boys “sequels” that were pretty much straight to video/syfy channel quality

Oh…I missed those.

Edit: Speaking of Syfy (Which in my experience has done two good shows, BSG and The Lost Room)…how about The Lost Room?

I’d love to see a Buckaroo Banzai sequel, if it were well done. The concept of Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers could have lead to all sorts of strange/silly adventures.

The original film did contain a teaser comment at the end, about a sequel called “Buckaroo Banzai against the World Crime League,” which was never made. There’ve been several development projects for a Buckaroo Banzai TV series over the past few decades, including one a few years ago which was being led by Kevin Smith, but none came to fruition.

they might have to remake the first tho . ironically i’ve never seen the first one … one day when i’m alone i’ll have to watch it …

So, yes on one, and no on two.

“What are we making?”
“A Buckaroo Banzai sequel!”
“Real soon!!”

Forget sequels to The Lost Boys; there should be a prequel instead. Have it set in Germany during the last days of WWII when an American army platoon, while in the process of putting down Nazi resistance, encounters an SS unit whose members prove to be impossible-to-kill with normal military weapons because they’re Nazi vampire supersoldiers. One of the American platoon members is the younger version of the character played by Bernard Hughes in the 1987 film and at the end, he and other survivors, vow to track down and destroy the vampires who escaped (e.g., Edward Herrmann’s character.) And yes, this is basically Inglourious Basterds with Nazi vampires.

I love it, but didnt they just do a nazi zombie film?

I mean if you want to do a sequel to Overlord that is a prequel to Lost Boys and have Abrams step up to direct it??..I mean yeah, I like the pitch! Or have Robert Rodriquez or Sam Raimi.

My biggest problem with The Lost Room is there was no satisfactory way to end the show.
I’m interested in seeing if they have a satisfactory end for Manifest.
I’d like to see a spinoff of Legend of Zelda with Zelda as the main character. Yes I know there’s a emulation out there.
I’ve seen several spinoffs of Final Fantasy 7 , what about a spinoff of Final Fantasy 6. Heck I wouldn’t mind a completely remade Final Fantasy 6.

Cash in on the urban legend and put Jack Burton in the sequel.

How about a sequel to Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Naw, just kidding. That would be impossible.

I thought that after many years of fans demanding BB Vs The World Crime League, it was finally put out as a comic mini series.

Back To The OP

Dark City- Jack Murdoch has defeated the Strangers years ago. He has used his ability to tune to create a whole world around the city. But, now he is dying and looking for a successor to take his place as god.

How about the Nick Cave-written sequel to Gladiator, which starts out with Maximus in the afterlife being tasked by several Roman deities to track down Hephaestus, who’s gone rogue, only to then have him fighting through the millennia for… reasons not entirely clear?

Or indeed Jack Burton Jr, especially now that Wyatt Russell’s career is taking off.

Final Fantasy 8?

The Day the Earth Stood Still II – sequel to the original Robert Wise film, not the awful remake. Klaatu returns from the stars years later and offers the human race a selection of robot policemen, with the warning that they’ve done modelling on our civilization, and don’t see it lasting out the century without their help.

Forbidden Planet II – Altair IV may be gone, but there’s enough new technology to be gained from retro-engineering Robby that it transforms life in Human Space.

Metropolis II – Joh Fredersen has been somewhat reformed by his experience, his son Freder is now a Mediator, and presumably Unions have gained new power. But the Heart machine is broken, the Worker’s City is flooded, and Metropolis has to be rebuilt. Rotwang is dead, but they have his technology and his notes. Now what the hell happens? The original film left an awful mess.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Blondie (Liam Hemsworth) and Tuco (Javier Bardem) join up with a ruthless French cavalier (Vincent Cassel) to heist a gold shipment in Maximillian Mexico.

BUT… there’s an underground movement rebelling against Murdoch, presaged by mysterious killings/sabotage of the city.

I love Dark City (and the DVD commentary by Roger Ebert, which is an excellent primer on Film Noir).
But we’d need Rufus Sewell and Kiefer Sutherland. Jennifer Connelly and William Hurt are cordially invited back as well…

I never thought of a sequel to Metropolis, and it seems unlikely. And there’s a 98% chance that it would be awful. But I can’t help but think there’s a tiny chance it could be awesome. Imagine it directed by Terry Gilliam, for example. (Or perhaps he should just do the art direction.)

The Better, the Worse, and the Uglier