Outlook 2010: How to turn off signatures?

I changed my signature on Outlook 2010. Now when I compose a message, my signature is autmatically appended. I only want my signature on some emails – not all of them. Microsoft has done an excellent job hiding even hints of how to turn automatic signatures off. Can someone point me to it?

Options->Mail format->Signatures
Edit the field “New Messages”

(I have ‘Mail’, not ‘Mail format’.) OK, I see it now. The think is that instead of having ‘turn signatures on or off’, it has the name of the signature. Since it’s a drop-down menu, you don’t see the ‘none’ option; and if you only have one signature, there’s no reason to click the arrow – unless you already know there’s a ‘none’ option there.


If you are wanting the signature almost all the time, you can always delete the signature when you are writing the email. (many moons ago I had an email program that could run a process when you created an email, so I set it up to pull a random quote from a list I had. I sometimes had to go back and delete quotes that were a little TOO appropriate)

I have Outlook 2010, v14, and I can create different signatures for different purposes. I just successfully created a “blank” signature, and when I switched to that, it went blank.

I’m using Outlook 2013 but I think it’s the same. go to
file>Options > signatures

You have to create the signature first by clicking on “new” button.

On the right hand side should be two check boxes (or drop downs). Check to add signatures to new messages, check to add signatures to replies.

As pointed out above, if you occasionally don’t want a sig, then you can just delete.

Does this make sense?