Outlook express takes forever to load!

I recently had some computer problems which led me to basically strip my computer and reinstall everything, including Windows XP and Outlook Express.

Now I have a problem I’ve never encountered before: Outlook Express takes forever to load. I just timed it, and from clicking on the icon to being useable took just over 2 minutes. When I send/receive mail while in OE, it only takes a few seconds, so clearly that’s not the problem. I’m thinking it’s doing some sort of archiving or security check every time it starts, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

I’ve gotten all of the required updates and service packs, and temporarily disabled my anti-virus program, before anyone suggests that as a possible solution.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Have you defragged lately? A slow hard drive would account for sluggish program launch.

Do you store all your mail in your inbox, or in folders inside your inbox? Move it into folders outside the inbox. I think OE has to check the whole inbox every time it starts

If you don’t, then… don’t start, anyway.

Have you disabled anything Outlook Express relies on, like Windows Messenger?