Panic in the Skies. Was this (TV) movie deliberately bad?

Wow. I hope so.
I taped it because the paper listed it as a ridiculous action movie and I had to see what that was about.

Ridiculous is the least of it. This film is so, so bad. I sat there like one of the audience for Springtime for Hitler. I don’t think there was a single credible thing in it. Or a single thing that wasn’t a cliché. Throughout there are “TV reports” that are just un-watchably, embarrassingly awful. And it’s all less exciting than the shopping channel.

Here’s what’s going on towards the end:

All of the flight crew are dead. There are no flight controls. The plane* is running out of fuel. The autopilot is randomly selecting different airfields to land at**. There is a pregnant woman on board (about to give birth, natch). There’s an escaped convict on board. The Air force is planning to shoot them down.

And. The plane is on fire!

And. The dog in the cargo hold might be a gonner***

Has anyone else seen this wreck? What do you think the worst aspect of it was?

  • supposedly a 747, but this one’s a bit small on the inside.

** The autopilot is apparently very sophisticated in bringing the plane down to land, but not quite smart enough to put the gear down.

*** Don’t worry, in a movie as clichéd as this the doggy has to survive.

Okay – the doggy was okay – how about the rest of them? :smiley:

I think I saw this. The dog escapes from the cargo area into the plane, he subdues the convict, delivers the baby and then safely lands the plane. Godd doggie!

That was supposed to read “Good doggie!” Then again maybe he was a Godd doggie.

I forgot to add that he tinkled on the fire and put it out and also radioed the air force and barked in Morse code that the situation was under control so they wouldn’t shoot them down.

As a joke, this post would have been better if I got it all on the first try, then again it was just dumb. Move along now, nothing to see here.

Reading this post reminded me of watching “The High and the Mighty” a couple of months ago. It’s a John Wayne flick that hasn’t been seen in awhile due to Wayne family conflicts. Anyhow, this movie is the genesis of all airline disaster flicks. In it you get to see all that will eventually become cliche. It is a riot to watch.