Panzerfaust, it's your turn.

I’m a little surprised you’ve gone this long without a Pit thread considering your idiotic statements about the origin of homosexuality

Instead of making up your own theories, actually reviving 50-year-old discredited theories, why not read some of the current theories pointed out to you? Tell us, how is your “theory” supported? How do you explain away the position of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and several other legitimate researchers?

Now I could overlook the above as just the babblings of a moron, or even innocent ignorance. However, the immediate proclamations of being a martyr make it hard to believe that you’re unaware of real research and you cling to your negative assertions for some other reason.

not to mention the blatant stereotyping

Even with all the evidence that you’re an asshole, I’d be content to just write you off as inconsequential, but for one strange post of yours in a General Questions thread where you flame Esprix out of the blue.

How is it possible that you and Esprix had a misunderstanding a year ago if you only signed up last month, as indicated under your screen name?

If you’re a returning member who forgot your old screen-name and created a new one, that’s against the rules. You should email the mods and get that straightened out.

If you’re a returning BANNED member, that also is against the rules.

A third option I can think of is that you were given permission to create a new name in order to start with a clean slate. If that is the case then it’s only fair that you treat everyone as if it’s a clean slate. Attacking Esprix unprovoked goes against the spirit of a fresh start. Now that you’ve dredged up the past to take a potshot, it’s only fair that you let us know your old name so we know who we’re dealing with.

He’s willing to mouth off with his “theories” about homosexuality - let’s see if he’s ready to answer your pointed questions, Homebrew.


Reminds me of a less stable version of P*******. Let’s see if he accuses Clark C, andros and Gaudy of being the same person:D

Well, he’s certainly wrong about the whole “make a face and be disfigured for life” - I have a great aunt who actually made faces at herself in a mirror until her face cramped and one of them stuck.

When her muscles relaxed, her face went back to normal. (No, I’m not making this up.)

Just as an FYI.

Oh - and the guy’s obviously a moron in regards to homosexuality.

I think you had it here. He’s clearly not interested in looking at current, real evidence to form an opinion, or even in hearing the opinions of others. Some people just close their eyes and believe what they want to believe.

He’s mentioned going to dopefests too and meeting dopers. The boards are running like shit for me this morning or I’d link. I think it is in the thread about giftedness and social adjustment started by CanvasShoes in IMHO.

Weird stuff though.

If you’re talking about this thread, Primaflora, I don’t see that Panzer posted in it.


That’s not it, Esprix. IIRC it was a Pit thread expressing skepticism towards the number of people reporting they are eligible for Mensa.

Oh, you mean this thread, where he says:

Attended Dopefests when he was lurking? Wow. That’s a first. :rolleyes:


Interesting that he lists nothing about himself in his member profile, but does have an AIM listing. I wonder if he posts over on a certain board who’s name we shall not speak.

Well, this thread has been up for over 24 hours, with about 560 viewings and only about 10 responses.

My interpretation of this is that all those people have looked at the OP, decided that it is a pretty accurate description of the pitted Doper, and that there wasn’t much more to add.

That was certainly my reaction. There are some people whose idiocy is so plainly obvious that it requires very few additional comments.

I find it just as interesting that he hasn’t appeared here yet. Perhaps he’s afraid he’s been found out? Pity we can’t e-mail him.



Yup. And at the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law I’d add that I expect little from anyone who names himself after a Nazi bazooka.

Hm, given that panzerfaust seems to hold some fairly heavily discredited environmental behaviourist views perhaps he cannot help being a complete fuckwit? I mean that is his/her logic is it not?

Way I figure it, any serious attempt at refutation is completely futile, as Homebrew’s mind is already made up. He/she strikes me as the type of individual prone to frothing, and has indicated to me, in the OP, that he/she is less than interested in discussion. Rather, Homebrew is interested in the current self-righteous circle-jerk. Squeeze one off for me, too.

However, Homebrew does make one valid point: My behaviour toward Esprix in the linked thread. In hindsight, my post was completely uncalled for.

Esprix, I offer my apology.

…since I can’t seem to bring myself to let this thread go without at least some attempt toward discussion (that is the point of a message board, right?)…

Homebrew… If you’d just popped in here and said, “Panzerfaust is an asshole, and some of his posts, like that Madonna and leather thing, are deliberately inflammatory,” I might have agreed with you. I have a powerful attraction to humor and benign absurdity as a solution for everything, a statement which I’m sure you’ll go out of your way to twist into something insulting. Your omittance (possibly not a real word) of my comments concerning models, and a lack of belief, and a willingness to be presented with better arguments (note the subjectivity of “better”) lead me to believe you either didn’t understand them (most probable), or you chose to ignore them in lieu of having a fit. Childish, at best.

Which isn’t to say that I’m surprised, or even bothered. If I marched around screaming, “YAY FOR GAY!” a certain group of people would admonish me for being… whatever it is those people admonish other people for. If I marched around screaming, “BOO TO THE GAY!”, a different group of people would admonish me for being bigoted. As it stands, I just don’t care, so I throw around opinions that fit into the current model I’m using, and a still different group of people admonish me. If I took the time to be shamed every time someone had a contrary opinion they were way too excited about, I’d never have time to drink.

Well, I think this safely takes the focus off me. By comparison, my opinion was completely rational.

Hrm. So… mitchslap’s post vanishes. Which makes me look schizophrenic. There was a post between those two, I swear.

The post and the poster have been removed.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator

Your “model” was discredited more than 30 years ago. Do try to keep up. But as I said, your opinion about homosexuality is irrelevant. I can provide links for you for current research if you desire.

But the real point of this thread is to try to determine who’s sock puppet you are. You can’t have had a misunderstanding with Esprix a year ago when you’ve only been a member a month. Out with it!

Not really . It is evident that you have an intense, burning desire to affect the pose of being an intellectual class clown, and you have stirred up a few people with your “opinions”. The root problem is that your opinion in this matter re the origin(s) of homosexuality are predicated on a sophmoric (bordering on ignorant) understanding of the role of genetics in all this.

Some better informed members re genetics have tried to help you grasp this but you have ignored their explanations and proceeded onward to build up a silly house of cards based on discredited decades old theories of the genesis of homosexuality.

If, as is ovbious, you want to assume a “wise fool” pose on the SDMB you’re going to have to bring more “wise” and less “fool” to the table.