Quint Essence and augusta - Hate, bigotry, and ignorance personified.

Yes, I’m choosing the pair of you disgusting excuses for human beings to be my first official pitting. I always wanted to participate in this way, but was never enfuriated by anything enough to warrant a new thread, that is, until I had the misfortune of having to scrape my monitor clean with brillo after the shit stain that were your posts in this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=238889

Were these two vomit bags were spewing such iridescent nuggets of wisdom as:

And this brilliant line in which QE states that homosexuality is the same as pedophilia. Very nice.

There will come a time when the both of you will come to realize that you are part of a dying breed.

And in the future, when people look back at this time period, their going to realize that you were no better than the people in the segragated south picketing black youths as they went to school, and lynching blacks simply because they were different.

Kids, in their history books their going to learn about you: the biggots, the hate mongering fuckheads of which you two are prime examples and you know what their teacher is going to saying: “Do not let history repeat itself, it happenned in the 1950’s, it happenned in this time as well, and will happen again, if you don’t learn to recognize the problem”.

Fuck you both.

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Brilliant. My first pitting and I screw up the code.

Perhaps a kind mod could help me out, given that it’s my first pitting :wink:

Sadly, I don’t think your post will do any good. To people like them, you’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media and the atheist/homosexual agenda, so why wouldn’t they think they’re anything but good, God-fearing, self-righteous people trying to defend society against this onslaught of queers?

It’s good to vent, tho’.

Neat! A two-fer.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the “ain’t gonna do no good” crowd. Someone (who, I wish I could remember) has a sig to the tune of “You cannot reason someone out of an opinion that they did not reason themselves into.”

Why can’t we for once get a bigotted jackass who’s at least original? “homosexuality is unnatural/an abomination unto the lord/etc” and such things are SO last millenium. When are we going to get the illegitimate child of Fred Phelps and Jack Dean Tyler … now there’s a combination that’d be interesting. “Homosexuality is caused by male genital mutilation; the resulting trauma the males suffer (and I have personally researched this at great length) with their inability to give themselves piss showers, combined with a newfound interest in their now-throbbing circumcized penises (another area I have personally researched at even greater length), combines to make them obsessed with finding a man with an intact penis so they can feel complete again. Logically they feel compelled to suck on these uncircumcized penises, to insert them up their rectums, and above all else to hold them for hours on end, rubbing them and breathing heavy in the hope that they will regrow the foreskin that was ripped from their genitalia.”

But more of this “homosexuality is an abomination and its unnatural and their isn’t a reason on earth for anything to be gay except because they want to go against Gods law. I say they will burn in Hell for all aternity.” … blah. Give me something with more of a basis than circus peanuts and more originality than Lou Pearlman.

For your disgust and scorn, here’s some more bigotry from Quint Essence:



Incidentally, Quint Essence has mentioned that he or she has a lesbian daughter.

Yes, I know. :frowning:

iampunha: Wow. Just… wow. That was beautiful.

I think this is defeatist. It is very possible to reason someone out of bigotry. I have seen it happen.

Reasoning someone out of bigotry is reasoning them out of an emotional belief. It is like reasoning a child out of believing in santa.

What frightens me foremost about augusta is that the first thing he came up with in his head for imagery was two male elephants going at it.

Not dogs, birds, eels. No. Elephants…WITH BIG GIANT THROBBING COCKS, PUMPING IN AND OUT…


be careful around this one fellas.

Oh, lord.

And I thought augusta and Quint Essence were kids. Maybe kids who discovered homosexual feelings in themselves and afraid of it.

Quint Essence has a daughter? Poor girl.

To **Quint Essence **: Be a loving father for your daughter, you crazy gladiola. She needs it.

Pun, sharp. Very sharp. :slight_smile:

I take exception to this flamer attitude that we are supposedly exhibiting- the only reason Quint Essences notices it is because it tends to stand out, not because most gay men are flamers. It’s been my experience that most gay men don’t act much different then our straight brethren. I know I’ve certainly surprised quite a few people who just assumed I was straight.

“You’re gay? But you don’t …you know…act gay!”
What amazes me is that , when a straight person finds out I share my apartment with a gay friend, they naturally assume that we MUST be having sex. The idea that two gay men can share a 2 bedroom flat and not be going at it like lust crazed weasels seems impossible to them, which I suppose, says more about them then it does about us.

But thats just my two cents…

Carry on.

Man, what a truly horrible pair of idiots. I can accept people will be quietly dissaproving even quietly appalled at homosexuality but i’m always shocked at such blatant bigotry and stupidity. Whenever I meet or see people displaying this behaviour I always suspect that they may have ‘issues’. I used to know a guy when I was at school who was a terrible bigot (racist, homophobe etc.) but I always felt that maybe it was because he was secretly gay and was so ashamed that he felt the need to constantley go on about how disgusting ‘benders’ (the name he used) are. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is now the biggest sucker of black guys cocks going…in fact I hope he is.

Now there’s a couple of twats who needed pitting. Nice call.

And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone beaten so ferociously with the Ball Peen Hammer of Karma as Quint Essence. Gay daughter indeed…

Dante wanders off to a Buddhist temple to light a candle or incense or something or other…

Personally, I think it’s all of NASA’s lies that make people gay.

Well, darling, didn’t you notice that substantial amount they budgeted for toasters this year? Sure, they call them “space toasters”, but you can read between the lines…



o/ It's the Great Space Toaster! Get on board! The Great Space Toaster! Off we go! o/

Sorry…Child of the 80s checking in…