Pardon me whilst I bang my head - repeatedly - against my computer...

“Trust the CCG,” they tell me.

“Don’t hit submit twice,” I hear.

“The SDMB will come through for you,” they say.


(Plus my computer really hated me last night when I was trying to post.)

So I start a thread entitled “That’s it, I’ve had it - I’m leaving and not coming back…”.

Problem is, the Straight Dope ate my OP! :frowning: (No, not the dingo, the SDMB.)

The clever part was the first line of my OP which was supposed to read, "… for two weeks. :wink: "

Apologies to all those who thought I was pulling some kind of “I’m leaving and never coming back” routine (and thank you for your quick thinking, Euty)- the thread title was meant to be the lead-in to the joke, but without the OP, it was useless - useless! [sub]grumble grumble razzin frazzin mumble mumble[/sub]


So, anyways, real life has beaten the stuffing out of me lately (among other things, San Diego Pride was hellish, but worth it, as the booth for the group I’m currently head of did a fabulous job advertising, and I see good things coming soon for us), so I’m off to the 31st annual SCA Pennsic War in <ahem> beautiful Butler, Pennsylvania to relax in the 14th century away from All Things Real Life (kind of like a Dopefest, 'cept in funnier clothes).

I started a thread earlier asking who was going, so those people who said they were had best stop in my encampment and say hi, durn it!

I will leave this coming Friday and return in about two weeks, at which time I expect this place to be spotless. And no toga parties while I’m gone!


Oh, sure, this time it works. :frowning:


To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!

Did we give up when Esprix went to Pennsic? Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?


Have a great time Esprix. We’ll keep the place nice and tidy for ya’ and I’m sure you’ll be missed :). Now if you would please stop banging your head on your computer then I can relax and know that you are not going to make a complete mess of this thread and that you are going to be okay ;).

Ha! I knew it! Well, I mean I kind of thought so. Well, no, actually, I was terrified.

A knuckle rapping for you, Esprix! You little…………so-and-so!

Rap the knuckles of the hamster running this thing - t’aint nobody’s fault but his, and even Jerry the Tech God can’t do anything about it. :frowning:


Well, colour me relieved.

I wasn’t sure if that thread title had been intended sarcastically or not, but I thought it might have something to do with the latest trollish attack on your esteemed personage.

Well, have a flagon of mead for me while you’re away, and have fun, and all that happy horsehockey.

I expected it was a joke or something like this, and I’m glad to see it confirmed.

Can you imagine what woulda happened if you had posted right before you left and didn’t notice that the OP had been eaten? Yikes!

Have fun at the war!

Hey ** Exprix**

My family lives in Butler, PA. I actually lived there for about 6 years during grad school. I also know quite a few people back there who always go to those SCA festivals, including a few guys ya may be interested in meeting…

Have fun, and I’m glad you’re not leaving forever. I like your posts.

Er. Esprix, rather.

I’m still not coming back!


Not gonna do it.


Still not coming back!


So, are you gonna bring me at-shirt from Pennsic liked I asked? Some of us are stuck working while <huffy voice> others </huffy voice> get to go off and play.

Have fun at the War.

I am so, so glad he ain’t going t’ be gone for long. :slight_smile:
I’ll blow th’ candles out, now.

So, where is Butler, and where can the Weird/North family find you?

screech, I’ll do my best, but no promises. What size are you?

Ginger, Butler is about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Finding me, however, will prove more difficult - Pennsic is not an “open to the public” event like a Ren Faire, it’s for members of the SCA. :frowning: Sorry, hun.


Good luck!

Have fun storming the castle…

[sub]Well, somebody hadda say it[/sub]

Large if they run small. Medium if they run large.

Nix the t-shirt: better yet, send me a post card and the names and addresses of some good hat and music merchants. Do they still do areial shots of the site? I’d be interested to see who is camping where I used to park.

Did Pennsic change to a ‘members only’ policy? I know quite a few non-member going. I do know thay do not allow a ‘day pass’ for anyone, including clergy performing weddings. I

Last I knew, you pay from the day you arrive all the way through to the last day of the War. If you arrive on Tuesday and plan to leave on Friday, you still pay through to Sunday.

And is the castle on the battlefield still falling down? The one at Gulf Wars seems to be holding up well.

I’m so sorry about SD Pride, I know I wasn’t being a bitch, and you were really busy and well… :frowning:

I did have a great time at SD Pride, and again I would like to thank you and your housemates for putting us up for the weekend.