per jayjay's suggestion: the Stunning Sodomites of the SDMB

Hmmm. You know, live and let live, but I’ve always preferred Gomorrahmy myself.

One benefit is that empty slots become a thing of the past :wink:

The more I think about it I’ve come to the conclusion this site is not healthy. And here’s why: It’s depressing to single women!!!

Aren’t we suffering enough? Do we need to look at a site with cute guys who are not available to us??? :smiley:


My, my, aren’t you a handsome bunch…

(Cute website design, too…)


[sub]So what’s your secret? :D[/sub]

Oh now, come on guys. Won’t you just let me put it behind me?

{{Puns intended says the straight, happily married lady}}


Slut? Me? NEVER.

[sub]Actually, I am kind of waiting for someone to fill me in on the in’s and out’s of being a slut. Is there a book I need to read? Instructional videos… Seminars?[/sub]

Um, ma’am…we really don’t want any trouble with the Dark Lord. Not to offend you or anything, ma’am… backs away, crumpling hat in hands

HEY!! I’m too young to be a ma’am!

My MOM is a ma’am. Not me!!!

Besides, the Dark Lord is just a big old softie anyway. He is so mad at me for ruining his “image” around here on the boards. I better not tell you that he brings me flowers every 5 weeks or so.

Oops…hijack…back to the OP.

YAY for the SSoTSDMB.

Well, I am definately gay but I don’t feel comfortable posting my pictures for anyone to see and ogle. Would you still do the bio lines?

If you find them, let me know! :wink:

Actually, I’m a slut at heart. I just get no cooperation…

matt_mcl tells us he’s sex-positive. I have one question, though. Who isn’t?

Awww…you’re no fun! :smiley:

That’s easy for you to say since you have that nice traditional bear look going for you. I look like Hermione Grainger gone all wrong. Buck toothed, mullet, wild hair, and a cross between gangly and pudgy. :wink: Wait, that isn’t me. But I still don’t feel comfortable posting my pictures around for all to see. I only show people what I look like in person unless I have met them before.

Trust me. He is really sex-positive. Really really.

Braggart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeahhh…

Waaaay too many aren’t sex positive.

Thank you.

[ul][]Gary Bauer[]Michael Savage[]Jerry Fallwell[]Anita Bryant[]Phyllis Schlafly[]et al.[/ul]

Hell, Andrew Sullivan. I wouldn’t call condemning gay promiscuity while indulging in barebacking parties to be very positive…not in that way, anyhow.