Pink Panther

A few observations:
He puffs on a gaudy cigarette holder.
He walks around without any clothes.
He’s skinny.
He skips.
He’s pink.
The question is…IS THE PINK PANTHER GAY?

Is he gay? Hmmmmm…
Well, like the Teletubbies, he has no pants and no genitalia. Don’t think he technically CAN be gay. Unlike the Teletubbies the Pink Panther is NOT a Hell-spawn demon of the Pit bent on the corruption of all that is Good and Holy.

Just a thought.

You must wear pants to be gay?

I’m unaware whether the creator of the Pink Panther has opined on the creature’s sexuality.

Why, are you thinking of asking him out?

I remember a short-lived cartoon series where the Pink Panther had one or two sons (these kids were the main characters of the series), so PP must be either straight or bi. And they were his children, not his nephews. Hey, that brings up another cartoon star: Donald Duck. He didn’t wear pants either, plus he was a sailor and lived with 3 pre-pubescent boys. Hmmmm… :wink:

One observation:

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