Pit us whiny white guys who can't get dates

You know us, you see us, we’re everywhere. We always bitch about women, about dating, etc. We are quite whiny and annoying, but you still find the time to read and reply to our threads. So have at it, insults ahoy.

Well, I’m a really fat, kinda obnoxious white guy but i guess I wasn’t too whiny to ask women out and I succeeded. Sure, one brought her boyfriend along but she was an anomaly. I only recall being turned down once.

Oh, and that makes you a loser, if you hadn’t figured it out.

Nice, only one turn down.

Except the one who I invited to run off with me but, since I was married already, that shouldn’t count.

I’m replying to you aren’t I?

I feel sorry for your friend(s). Do they know what an obnoxious little prick you are when you get to hide behind a computer when you do it or are you one of those ‘rare’ pit people who is too cowardly to be an asshole in real life?

Actually, I was replying to me. It is truly unfortunate that they get to know what an obnoxious little prick I am in real life, which I’m not denying, but some realize that, if nothing else, I’m an improvement on you.

And Google Chidope photos to see just how unattractive I am, yet I manage to be more attractive, physically and personality, than you if the OP is to be believed. Maybe if you stopped acting like such a loser you’d sometimes win.

Just shut the fuck up already. Get out there and so something, or figure out how to. Or have a little dignity. I’m pretty sure whining about being single doesn’t make the women flock to you. Quit saying you’re a nice guy. It’s not nice to make people listen to your sadsack blathering.

I’m single and I’m not happy about it, I’d love some companionship, but who the fuck needs to hear me whine about it? Nobody here has any control over it.

If anything, I’d pit the lack of question marks in the subject lines of the threads your start in GQ and GD.

It’s just a little annoying.

Whoa! He can make my computer laugh so I should tell all the single women I know to fuck him immediately! :rolleyes:

Sweet Lawd, sweet sweet lawd. Have mercy on me, a mere sinner in this cog of man. For I am but a man, a sinner at that and I am unduly unsure of my presence in this he’re macabre meeting.

Surely there is something you can bitch about given the current administration. Are you saying your sadness trumps the loss of life and systematic destruction of mankind as we know it? I mean, you called that back in October. And your main concern is getting a date? How selfish!

I’ve thought about that but its alot more fun to complain on a message board than it is to go out and enjoy myself. I doubt you’re unattractive, most people assume they are but they really aren’t.

duffer - I’m not sad. And I don’t really mind the administration myself. I don’t agree with alot of their policies, but its hardly the end of mankind as we know it.

But remember, in September you can celebrate Unmarried and Single Americans Week

How could you do that if you were dating someone? I know it’s the reason I stay single.

(ok, I’m joking about it being the reason I’m still single. But I might as well use it as an excuse rather than getting all depressed about it.)

Good Crawfish, Wesley, do you invite people over to pick your scabs for you? If you’re going to be too lazy to do your own complaining about your solitary life, nobody else is going to do it for you. Inviting insults just to start an argument seems a little self-centered even for the Pit. I’ll pass on some advice that once helped me: there’ll be someone else in your life shortly after you make some room in your head for somebody besides yourself.

Self effacement can be endearing, but self loathing is really unattractive. I have no sympathy.

This isn’t Pit fodder. “I’m socially impaired; flame me?” Yeah, right. That’ll work.

Actually this isn’t even great MPSIMS material but it’s the closest fit.

Off it goes…


Nah, we don’t want it writhing here in MPSIMS, either.