Pit Whatever You'd Like!

I pit Hannah Montana. Or Miley Cyrus. Or whatever her name happens to be at the present moment. I’m flipping around, I come to this show, it ruins the rest of my TV experience. Annoying songs, stupid, cliched plots, this show has it all! :rolleyes: Your turn!

I’m gonna pit Disney, because they couldn’t have made it any more obvious that all girls need to resemble Hilary Duff to be cheeky adventurers. Look out a window sometime, you aryanphiles.

I’m sorry; not that I really care one way or the other about this whole thing, but that statement is just flat-out factually incorrect.

Nobody can mistake Raven Symone as a Hillary Duff wannabe, and as two of the new shows are headlined by Miranda Cosgrove (the control freak from School of Rock) and Selena Gomez, I think that accusing Disney of Aryan tendencies is bit beyond the pale.

Now, Walt Disney, sure.

Uh…Can’t anyone pit whatever they like, like anytime here?

I guess if it’s ‘anything’ it might be deemed too pointless for it’s own thread.

To the target audience the plots are clever and original. It’s only when they turn twelve do they discover they’re not.

I pit you, Lobsang, for improper use of “it’s.” Its time you learned.

I Pit the Grammar Police. I also Pit the Post Office, as my Grammar Police uniform is “in the mail.”

I pit the idiots at work who can’t figure out how to walk to and from their cars.

In the morning, with lots of cars coming IN, you walk in the OUT lane.

In the afternoon, with lots of cars going OUT, walk in the IN lane.

Why is this hard?

I pit the company that handles our incentive debit card here at work. It expired the end of june…I’ve called numerous times and still don’t have a new card. I want to spend the money that’s on that card damnit! (it’s only like $500, but I WANT TO SPEND!!!)

I’d say Gaudere, but I think I’d be wooshed if I did.

I pit these last 6 pounds I want to lose. I want a six-pack dammit.

And lack of sleep.

People who don’t know the meaning of “extra” cheese.

I mean, really.

If you buy beer in the 16-oz cans, you can have your six pounds AND a sixpack!

Or even whooshed. :wink:

I pit this fucking issue that came up this afternoon, after umpteen hours of planning went into an aspect of our new system. April, May, June,…plenty of time to think of every aspect and plan it out. Umm, yeah, I don’t think it’s working right. Yeah,…um, gigi, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and redo a day’s worth of dataloading which craps out every few screens, or even more than once per screen. And page through 243 screens and make a couple of edits each., mmkay? Yeah.

My head hurts. The only redemption is I have the e-mail I based my method on, which absolves me of blame. :stuck_out_tongue:

I pit the final Poe in Twilight Princess because I can’t find it! I have looked everywhere and even resorted to cheat sheets and I don’t know where trhe hell it is. THat is really the last thing for me to do.

I pit the icemaker in my refrigerator, which seems to have decided that it only needs to produce three ice cubes every hour.

I pit diabetes. I fucking love mashed potatoes. And pasta. And god damned Twinkies!

I pit Ciceronianism.

And all of that wouldn’t hurt so bad if only she could sing.