Please recommend some Standup Comedians

Hi. I am looking for standup comedians to check out, preferably on youtube.

Here are 2 that I like:
Louis C.K.

Joe Rogan

Look for some recent Paul F. Tompkins stuff (last five years or so). Also, if you like CK and Rogan you’d likely enjoy Dave Attell (from that old Insomniac show). Most comics that I’ve heard talk about how much they look up to Louie CK often mention Attell in the same list of comics they admire.

Patton Oswalt might be my current favorite stand-up.

Based on Louis CK and Joe Rogan, I’d say check out Doug Stanhope and Robert Schimmel (RIP).

My faves:

1.Lewis Black
2.Christopher Titus
3.Bill Maher
4.Jeff Foxworthy

With Rogan, C.K. and Patton Oswalt mentioned, I strongly recommend Mike Birbiglia. He’s currently in NY doing a one-man off-broadway show, though.

up and comer? Donald Glover - Troy from Community. the boy is comic gold. GOLD i tell you…

Lavell Crawford is one of the best I’ve seen.

Harland Williams might be *the *best I’ve seen.

I don’t know of those videos do them justice.

Oh, and let’s not forget Lisa Lampanelli.

Love Harland. Jim Gaffigan sorta reminds me of him. His Hot Pockets routine.

Steven Wright is brilliant, as is Zack Galifianakis with his piano. Brian Regan is one who should get worldwide recognition. Don’t forget to check out the classics, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce.

Yeah, Regain is a true comedian. I mean, the guy has been hilarious for years and he constantly finds new material.

Not my fav of all time, but a great guy.

Eddie Izzard. Start with Dress To Kill.

Brian Regan, Kevin Hart, Bruce Bruce, Louis CK, Stephen Lynch, Greg Giraldo, Dave Attell and Mitch Hedberg are a few that my wife and I like quite a bit. You can also go to the Comedy Central website and see some of these guys if you can’t find them on YouTube.

Absolutely my favorite stand-up special! One of my other favorites is John Oliver.

To throw a couple of ladies into the mix I highly recommend Kathleen Madigan and Margaret Cho.

Gabriel Iglesias.
He’s not fat, he’s fluffy.

If you like Louis C.K., you’ll probably love Bill Hicks. Also later day George Carlin (his early stuff is more whimsical)

Or early Denis Leary, back when he was hopped up on coke all the time.

Nobody makes me laugh harder than John Pinette.

Jimmie Roulette is someone I never miss at the Funnybone.