Please tell me all the message repeating in a thread is my fault…

That it’s in my settings or something… So I can fix it. It’s hard to believe the software will be designed to show messages multiple times in a thread. It’s very confusing and irritating please tell me how I can make it better…

Message replies still show up in their normal position in a thread. They also appear just under the the post they’re replying to, but you don’t need to read it there if you don’t want to. It’s your choice.

Moved to ATMB.

Huh? I’ve never seen replies show up anywhere but their normal place in the thread when you open a thread.

Now there is a link that mentions how many replies a post has, and, if you click there, then it will show those replies in place. But none of that is visible unless you specifically click. And I basically never do.

If @Stoid is seeing posts multiple times without clicking on anything, then I do think something is messed up–either a site setting or something with her browser.

It must be possible to inadvertently click on the x Replies gray words under a post and reveal the posts there because I’ve done it. Until I realized what happened I couldn’t understand where I was in the thread because I was reading posts that I had already read.

It’s a potentially useful feature that is also potentially a source of great confusion.

@Stoid, the easiest fix is just getting over the learning curve and remembering not to click on that gray reply button unless you really want to do so. If you do it accidently, hit the little arrow to close it.

It happens often enough that numerous people have posted to ask about it. Of course, @Stoid hasn’t bothered to come back to report, so who knows what the deal is.

Interesting. All the more reason to try and figure out what the common denominator is. Maybe it is as @Exapno_Mapcase says and it’s from accidentally clicking it, or maybe there’s a browser or theme incompatibility.

I do hope @Stoid comes back, and would love it if other posters who had the problem would chime in.

(BTW, i’ve noticed another oddity: the @ notation dropdown doesn’t (1) prioritize posters who are in the thread and (2) seems to not ever jump past an _, so I have to type at least @​Exapno_ to get his name listed.)

It’s only happened once or twice, so I believe the more likely explanation is a stray click than something internal.