Poll--A bit of Cafe Society, however

I’m so darn confused. This has to do with video games, but it’s a poll, so I didn’t know where to put it. Therefore I’ll throw it here and hope I don’t incur the wrath of the moderators.

Anyway: For those of you who have played both Starcraft and Halo, like myself–who would win in an all out war? The Covenant or the Protoss?
…I’m so damn bored…sob

Video games, eh?

I’d say you chose wisely, forum-wise.


I’ve never played Halo, but the Protoss would definitely win.

build some cannons! OMG Zerg rush!!!1

Having played both extensively, I’d say the Protoss would win. Sure, the Covenant have big mortar tanks and big guys who shoot nasty green stuff, but the Protoss have the priest-like guys with psionic storm. Weeeeee!