Poll for Men: Can you shake off the last drop?

In this thread- http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=220816&pagenumber=2 - I articulated a point made by every standup comic since the dawn of time… you can’t shake off the last drop.

Jomo Mojo appeared to find this statement insulting (and untrue), so I’m going to ask you lot to weigh in… CAN the last drop be shaken off?

Seems to be related to the state of my prostrate gland. :o

If I concentrate I can suck back the last drop…

Define ‘drop’.

Even when I try really hard, there remains at least some fluid. Since that is related to the adhesive properties of fluids, I think I’d have to change the laws of physics to shake off that last drop. Or use tissue.

Come to think of it, would this be different for Americans because you seem to be mostly circumcised? Or so I’ve heard.

Didn’t think of the circumcision angle.

I was born in Britain, but snipped anyway…

No matter how you jump or dance…
The last drop always lands in your pants.


Yeah, but when that sucker stands up, look out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Slap it on the toilet roll holder, that usually flicks the last drop off.

Just wring it out, man.


I actually do use toilet paper, a habit I developed a long time ago. I originally started because I didn’t want my girlfriend to have a side of urine with her blowjobs.

For this reason I find urinals mildly annoying, though I won’t bother using a stall if a urinal is available.

Yeah, why isn’t tp standard, if everyone has the last drop problem? I mean, obviously not for urinals, but if you have to flush anyway why not get rid of the last drop the easy way?

Think about capillary action, and you’ll understand why the urethra is so reluctant to give up the last drop. It’s not like Maxwell House out of a coffee cup.

I can’t remember where I read this, but one bit of advice to get the last drop out was to grab your sac with one hand, putting pressure on the back of it, squeezing/pushing up and forward. Putting a little bit of pressure on the prostate is supposed to cause that last drop to get on out.
And earn you askance glances at the urinal.

You don’t have to grab your sack. Just reach back behind your junk and push firmly upward on your grundle. That puts enough pressure on the urethra to force out everything that’s in it.

I read that in Playboy about 15 years ago and have used it to great advantage ever since.

Usually I seem to be able to shake off the last drop.

If you snap it just right, in ‘crack the whip’ fashion, the last drip is history, and with practice, so is the gnat on the wall. :smiley:

Yes. I can. 'Nuff said.

Huh? Great sig-line though.

I have just two words for you guys. Toilet paper.

mrsface, there’s no toilet paper at urinals.

I’ll have to apply the grundle method today. Seems I can only shake off the 5th to the last drop nowadays.

Grundle = the area between the genitals and the bunghole. Every body part deserves a name, doesn’t it?

Munch, I have also noticed a tendency to leakage as I get older. It started around the time I began using the equipment for activities other than elimination.