Poll: Men in Love -- Preference of Looks During Sex

Ok. Say you’ve found the woman of your dreams. She’s whatever it is that you’re after. Intelligent, witty, ambitious, compassionate (you name it, just fill in the necessary blanks) and is cute enough to suit all the standards that you hold. You both have a great time together, a deep connection and, for all intents and purposes, don’t want to spend any waking moment apart.

You’ve both exchanged those three little words. It’s all awesome! Now, as far as the romance goes, everything so far has been HOT. It’s all good and things are heating up to the point that soon, you’ll both find yourselves in bed tangling horizontally. So, here’s the question…

Considering all of the information listed above, would any of you guys that felt that way, be put off by said female’s appearance once naked? Is there anything she might not measure up to that could end up being a deal-breaker despite everything else being right on the money? And no, I’m not talking about anything heinous, just say normal wear, tear and age. Like stretch marks or scarring or even acne, I guess. Anything that would make her self-conscious in the first place and wonder if it possibly turns him off. Or perhaps change his opinions. (Personally, I can’t see that last bit if he’s truly “in love,” but never having been on that side of the fence, thought I’d ask all the same.)

I know from my own experience that when I’m crazy, head-over-heels about someone, that nothing else matters. He’d sprout multiple nipples and green hair on his toes, and I’d be fine with it. Well, as long as I got to take cool pictures. :wink: But, what about everyone else? Is it an issue? Does anyone care once they love that person that much? Is it all overlooked? Can y’all help me out here?

Thanks much!

Oh, and if any ladies would like to share their interpretations, they’re most welcome. I wasn’t trying to be discriminatory, only curious as to how the male gender thought on this. I’d love to hear from everyone though, actually. The more the merrier. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. But then if you’ve read many of my posts that wouldn’t be news to you:)

I actually enjoy many of the aspects of my hunny that she does not (the physical ones, anyway;)). I like running my fingers over them and such … it’s a different feeling from what I get if I touch myself (oh, how that’s going to be quoted…), which is nice.

And make no mistake, there are things about her appearance of which she is nothing close to fond. She embraces the touted images of female beauty more than I do (and, IMO, more than she really ought or should), and those images rarely give more than passing lip service to “not being perfect”, let alone things like scars or freckles or anything like that.

It just adds to my memory of her:)

Gosh, well, if I’m in love then I tend to love the whole package. I think love conquers all. Romantic dork that I am!

Unless she had something bizarre like a third eye growing out of her back or had a zombie-like corpse body from the neck down, then no (and even then…). Physical appearance might turn my head at first, but takes a definite back seat once I get to know a person. I try not to imagine someone naked, it builds up too much fantasy for when the time comes. I prefer to be pleasantly surprised at anything that’s revealed in private. Any “defects” or imperfections she thinks she might have usually just enhance her image for me. My wife has a big scar on her back from a vicious dog attack when she was little. I love that scar.

Hell, I ain’t perfect, and I don’t wanna be.

The last guy I fell in love with turned out to have a tatoo of his ex-wife’s face across his chest. THAT was kind of offputting…

I’d hesitate if she had a cock. But I’d probably love her anyway.

All I can say “Hygeine is VERY important”.

I probably would be put off by the cock, too.

Yet another reason why you should get the sex part out of the way early on in the relationship…

My girlfriend has some dark hairs on her big toes. That kind of weirded we out at first, but then I realized, hey, it’s her feet. I don’t like feet much anyway, and I can’t see them much. So who cares? And who am I to talk about hairy toes?

She also has a scar on her back about 2 inches long, but I like it. Makes her seem more “human” or something I guess.

yep, i think a cock on her would be quite bad, and there’s always the usual under arm hair thing…

How do I prefer she look? HAPPY!

I’m not so sure about “deal breakers” if she is the girl of my dreams in every other way but to be honest there are a few things I’ve noticed that turn me off sexually and would probably have a detrimental effect on our sex life. Cellulite, c section scars and mustaches come to mind as things I would not be able to ignore during sex. I’d be pissed at myself for being so superficial but I really doubt I’d ever come to love these perceived imperfections, I’d accept them and learn to overlook them most of the time but I seriously doubt my eyes would learn to find them beautiful in and of themselves, but then again who knows? I would imagine being with the girl of my dreams would have me on cloud 9 for a long time, and change me in many ways.

Given everything mentioned in the first paragraph, I can’t see how a few extra pounds (either over or under ideal weight) or a scar here and there, would make the slightest difference.

Ah, thank you all for your responses and for setting me straight. I doubted that it would seriously matter, but it’s easy to be just another person hung up on insecurities and bad perceptions of body issues.

Maybe this’ll go some way towards helping me relax and enjoy life. I can only hope. :smiley: I appreciate your frank answers and hope more keep coming. (Ok, that last part, given the context, didn’t sound right, but y’all know what I meant – besides, it’s still early in the morning yet.)

:confused: Am I the only that one that thinks those 2 statements are in completely the wrong order?

Me: 36 (getting close to 37)
Her: Two months younger

I encourage her to let herself go. I buy chocolates, take her out, wait on her hand and foot sometimes.

The strain of perfection that she feels is too difficult to maintain. I’d prefer her no matter what.

But I don’t think she believes me.

Testicles would be a deal breaker, too.

Well, to tell the truth, when my SO and I were starting to go at it I did have a small (unfounded) issue with her breasts. Now, first, let me say I’m a breast man. I love’em. But up until that point I was used to “porn” boobs and not “real life” boobs. I didn’t know if it was normal to have the dark circle around the nipple (I don’t know what it’s called and I’m certainly not looking it up at work) so large (larger than, say, typical asians) and so it made me wonder a bit.

Of course it was a very minor thought and it certainly went away but if I didn’t really love her, I might have been turned off from it.

I can’t say I’ve ever been put off by seeing a woman naked. Somehow, so-called “flaws” turn me on because it feels more intimate. For me it’s a priviledge to be considered worthy to be intimate with a woman. “Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone”, as Leonard Cohen would say.

Also, if I were with a woman who was too perfect I’d be more self-conscious about my own imperfections, thus hindering intimacy.

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in”

Exactly. Couldn’t say it better myself.

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