Polls closing on "Preferred TV Shows" threads

Tuesday morning (tomorrow) I’m going to ask the mods to close both of these threads:

Your Preferred TV Shows (Section B) – Vote for up to 10
Your Preferred TV Shows (Section C) – Vote for up to 10

That was announced earlier in both threads and I have received no objection to that action. Voting has stalled out over the past few days with B getting 88 and C getting 96 voters.

As soon as the threads are locked I will post a new Final Poll on the subject of “Preferred TV Shows” so that some closure can be had for an issue that has been going on in one form or another since March!

This thread is to alert last-minute voters to B and C and to serve as a place to discuss any opinions about the Final Poll

Thanks to twickster the polls for the B and C sections of this exercise have been closed.

The lack of response in this thread suggests to me that the issue is long past dead, but to be as fair and as thorough as I can in the Final Poll, I will post the shows that make sense to me to be in that poll, and the criteria for their selection, in this thread a little later this morning.

The poll itself will go up either later today or tomorrow, depending on response here.

Here are the sorted results from the three preliminary polls with those shows getting less than 10% in the original 51, and 20% in the other two, deleted, leaving a total of 53 shows to select from.

I think allowing a Top 5 per voter will take the burden off the individual and will allow the population of Voters to determine which shows are “Preferred” by most Dopers willing to vote on them.

I have toyed with the idea of taking The Simpsons off the list, since that show ran away with the votes in the original poll. But then that would make this Final Poll all about selecting #2, which seems silly. Your thoughts?

The Simpsons                    133 44.63% 
M*A*S*H                          79 26.51% 
Seinfeld                         76 25.50% 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  74 24.83% 
Monty Python's Flying Circus     71 23.83% 

Firefly                          69 23.15% 
The Twilight Zone                68 22.82%
The Wire                         63 21.14% 
The Sopranos                     63 21.14% 
Arrested Development             58 19.46% 

Cheers                           54 18.12% 
All In The Family                52 17.45% 
Fawlty Towers                    50 16.78% 
Buffy                            49 16.44%
Futurama                         48 16.11%

The West Wing                    47 15.77% 
Star Trek: TOS                   46 15.44% 
Doctor Who                       46 15.44% 
Star Trek: TNG                   44 14.77% 
NOVA                             43 14.43% 

Dick Van Dyke Show               41 13.76% 
WKRP In Cincinnati               39 13.09% 
Battlestar Galactica             38 12.75% 
Northern Exposure                37 12.42% 
Deadwood                         34 11.41% 

Lost                             33 11.07% 
Barney Miller                    33 11.07% 
Band of Brothers                 31 10.40% 
House                            31 10.40% 
The Bob Newhart Show             30 10.07% 

The Office (Original -- UK)      30 10.07% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 298. This poll is closed 

View Poll Results: Your Preferred TV Shows (Section B) -- Vote for up to 10  

The Muppet Show                          41 45.05% 
Jeopardy!                                38 41.76% 
Frasier                                  34 37.36% 
The X-Files                              30 32.97% 
Big Bang Theory                          28 30.77% 

South Park                               27 29.67% 
Taxi                                     24 26.37%
Star Trek Deep Space Nine                23 25.27% 
30 Rock                                  23 25.27% 
Roseanne                                 23 25.27% 

Dexter                                   22 24.18% 
Get Smart                                21 23.08% 
3rd Rock from the Sun                    20 21.98% 
Red Dwarf                                20 21.98% 
Carol Burnett Show                       19 20.88% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 91. This poll is closed 

View Poll Results: Your Preferred TV Shows (Section C) -- Vote for up to 10  

Mythbusters                              52 53.06% 
Mystery Science Theater 3000             37 37.76% 
Friends                                  28 28.57% 
Night Court                              25 25.51% 
The Office (USA)                         23 23.47% 

Bob Newhart (the first one)              23 23.47% 
King of the Hill                         21 21.43% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 98. This poll is closed