Your Preferred TV Shows (Section C) -- Vote for up to 10

These are the 40 shows that received two mentions in Your Favorite All-Time TV Shows – Second Pass.

Multiple Choice: Vote for up to 10 shows.

The title’s “preferred” is meant to suggest that whether you see your vote(s) for “favorite” or “best” is up to you. Shows you preferred to watch are the ones to pick.

See the other poll going up today for the “Section B” shows that received at least three mentions in the thread linked to above.

At this hour there are three shows with 0 votes. They had at least two mentions in the source thread! Only 27 total votes for this group of shows.

What’s the deal, folks?

It gets a little confusing having multiple polls on the same topic. If you’re logged in when you open it, you can tell if you’ve already voted. But if people think they’ve already voted, they’re less likely to open it.

And this thread has a definite “best of the worst” aroma. I had trouble choosing only 10 shows the first time around. I haven’t even seen most of the shows on this list.

That’s accurate, as far as I’m concerned. I just wanted to be as fair as I could to those who complained about their show(s) being left out. So those that were mentioned twice (and not more) are in this poll. Some of them were obviously not all that “favorite” to start with.

The “B” poll has some validity by comparison. Even some of those shows aren’t getting the votes the selection thread suggested they would.

This whole exercise has a dead horse feel!

To see how results from this poll and the B section poll are comparing with the original 51 shows poll, check out The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10]where you will see these sorted results that were current when this post went up:

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Mythbusters                             23 47.92% 
Mystery Science Theater 3000            16 33.33% 
Night Court                             14 29.17% 
The Office (USA)                        14 29.17% 
Bob Newhart (the first one)             13 27.08% 

Friends                                 13 27.08% 
Cosmos                                  10 20.83% 
Hill Street Blues                       10 20.83% 
Soap                                    10 20.83% 
Venture Brothers                        10 20.83% 

King of the Hill                         9 18.75% 
Monk                                     9 18.75% 
Outer Limits                             9 18.75% 
Top Gear                                 9 18.75% 
Murphy Brown                             8 16.67% 

The Price is Right                       8 16.67% ***
60 Minutes                               8 16.67% 
The Young Ones                           8 16.67% ***
Homicide                                 7 14.58% 
Late Night With David Letterman          7 14.58% 
                                                   << Half
Mission: Impossible                      7 14.58% 
Sports Night                             7 14.58% 
Supernatural                             7 14.58% 
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  7 14.58% 
Batman                                   6 12.50% 

Generation Kill                          5 10.42% 
Justice League                           5 10.42% 
Keen Eddie                               5 10.42% 
My So-Called Life                        4 8.33% 
Sons of Anarchy                          4 8.33% 

Spaced                                   3 6.25% 
Tales of the Gold Monkey                 3 6.25% 
Vicar Of Dibley                          3 6.25% 
Coupling                                 2 4.17% 
The Middleman                            2 4.17% 

The Good Life (UK)                       1 2.08% 
Good Neighbors                           1 2.08% 
In Treatment                             1 2.08% 
The Fugitive                             0 0% 
Ghoulardi                                0 0% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 48 

Please post any ideas you have for dealing with “cut-off” points for shows to be excluded from a Final Poll in the
<< The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10] >> thread.

The shows marked “***” are also in the “B” poll. We’ll have to deal with that duplication somehow.

Comments about this specific poll’s snapshot can be posted here, of course.

Any input on these polls is welcome.

Oh, dear, I think I voted for Bob Newhart (the first one) thinking it was Bob Newhart’s first sitcom, but that’s listed in the first poll, so I suppose it must mean Bob Newhart’s 1961 variety show. That’s a pretty obscure show, and I doubt it would have beat out the next five on the list unless at least a few other people were confused to0.

I hear they were both pretty good shows. I didn’t watch either, but I hear the finale of the second one was a reveal that the second one was just a dream from the first one. New idea at the time that makes it memorable (revered) for many people. It’s among those listed in the recent thread about exceptional finales.

Not to worry, though. Maybe somebody else will see your plea and vote to bail you out of this jam.

ETA: Maybe that good Samaritan will also vote for Ghoulardi and The Fugitive just to prove that somebody liked the shows that got two mentions in the source thread. :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood my post.

Bob Newhart has starred in several TV series:

  1. The Bob Newhart Show (1961 variety show)
  2. The Bob Newhart Show (1972 sitcom co-starring Suzanne Pleshette)
  3. Newhart (1982 sitcom co-starring Mary Frann)
  4. Bob (1992 sitcom with ensemble cast including Lisa Kudrow)
  5. George and Leo (1997 sitcom co-starring Judd Hirsch)

Nos. 2 and 3 were popular, long-running shows. The finale you mention was actually from the third show, referring back to the second one. But I reckon most people under 60 aren’t even aware of the first Bob Newhart show.

That’s true, but I did say I didn’t watch any of them. I’m 68 if that matters.

In the interest of bringing the issue of “Preferred TV Show” voting to a close, I’m going to ask that this thread and poll be closed on June 15. A week from today.

If you want to have voted in this poll please do so by then.


Compare Post #5 with these rankings to see how votes are moving:

Mythbusters                              42 51.22% 
Mystery Science Theater 3000             27 32.93% 
Friends                                  23 28.05% 
Night Court                              22 26.83% 
The Office (USA)                         21 25.61% 

Bob Newhart (the first one)              18 21.95% 
King of the Hill                         18 21.95% 
Hill Street Blues                        16 19.51% 
Late Night With David Letterman          15 18.29% 
Murphy Brown                             15 18.29% 

Sports Night                             15 18.29% 
Monk                                     14 17.07% 
The Price is Right                       14 17.07% 
Soap                                     14 17.07% 
Cosmos                                   13 15.85% 

Outer Limits                             12 14.63% 
Venture Brothers                         12 14.63% 
The Young Ones                           12 14.63% 
60 Minutes                               11 13.41% 
Batman                                   11 13.41% 

Homicide                                 11 13.41% 
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  11 13.41% 
Supernatural                             10 12.20% 
Top Gear                                 10 12.20% 
Justice League                            8 9.76% 

Keen Eddie                                8 9.76% 
Mission: Impossible                       8 9.76% 
My So-Called Life                         8 9.76% 
Generation Kill                           6 7.32% 
Sons of Anarchy                           6 7.32% 

Tales of the Gold Monkey                  6 7.32% 
Spaced                                    5 6.10% 
Coupling                                  5 6.10% 
The Middleman                             5 6.10% 
Vicar Of Dibley                           5 6.10% 

The Good Life (UK)                        2 2.44% 
Good Neighbors                            2 2.44% 
In Treatment                              2 2.44% 
The Fugitive                              1 1.22% 
Ghoulardi                                 1 1.22% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 82 

My current thinking is to drop those shows getting less than 20% of the votes from the Final Poll.

See the latest sort in the “Section B” thread for comparison.

Thread – and poll – closed at the request of the OP.