Your Preferred TV Shows (Section B) -- Vote for up to 10

These are the 33 shows that received at least three mentions in Your Favorite All-Time TV Shows – Second Pass.

Multiple Choice: Vote for up to 10 shows.

The title’s “preferred” is meant to suggest that whether you see your vote(s) for “favorite” or “best” is up to you. Shows you preferred to watch are the ones to pick.

See the other poll going up today for the “Section C” shows that received two mentions in the thread linked to above.

You have *The Price is Right *on this poll, and on Section C.

Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry.

Same with The Young Ones.

I see a B and a C. Is there a section A or am I falsely extrapolating?

Not an A as such. The ongoing poll, due to expire June 7, The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10], can be considered as the A Section.

The origin of the follow-up polls can be found in Your Favorite All-Time TV Shows – Second Pass.

Depending on the response to these B and C polls, there may be a fourth one to combine the highest ranked shows for some Final Vote sort of thing.

Okay. I guess my “summary file” (a manual operation) has had its flaws. Hopefully, if and when the shows that appear in more than one poll are considered for inclusion in some run-off final poll, the votes for them will make sense.

One way to make sure those shows rise to the top is to vote for them in both polls. :slight_smile:

To see how results from this poll and the C section poll are comparing with the original 51 shows poll, check out The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10] where you will see these sorted results that were current when this post went up:

<<< "Section B" >>>

Jeopardy!                               18 43.90% 
Frasier                                 16 39.02% 
The Muppet Show                         15 36.59% 
Big Bang Theory                         15 36.59% 
South Park                              13 31.71% 

Star Trek Deep Space Nine               13 31.71% 
Taxi                                    13 31.71% 
Dexter                                  12 29.27% 
Law and Order (Brisco/Green)            11 26.83% 
Carol Burnett Show                      10 24.39% 

Get Smart                               10 24.39% 
Roseanne                                10 24.39% 
The X-Files                              9 21.95% 
3rd Rock from the Sun                    9 21.95% 
Red Dwarf                                9 21.95% 

30 Rock                                  8 19.51%  
Bones                                    8 19.51%  << Half
The Cosby Show                           7 17.07% 
Antiques Roadshow                        7 17.07% 
The Mary Tyler Moore Show                7 17.07% 

The Price is Right                       7 17.07% ***
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In              7 17.07% 
NYPD Blue                                6 14.63% 
Psych                                    6 14.63% 
Monday Night Football                    5 12.20% 

The Young Ones                           5 12.20% ***
Gilmore Girls                            4 9.76% 
Law And Order: Special Victims           4 9.76% 
Criminal Minds                           3 7.32% 
I Love Lucy                              3 7.32% 

QI                                       2 4.88% 
Yes (Prime) Minister                     1 2.44% 
Sanford and Son                          1 2.44% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 41 

Please post any ideas you have for dealing with “cut-off” points for shows to be excluded from a Final Poll in the
<< The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10] >> thread.

The shows marked “***” are also in the “C” poll. We’ll have to deal with that duplication somehow.

Comments about this specific poll’s snapshot can be posted here, of course.

Any input on these polls is welcome.

In the interest of bringing the issue of “Preferred TV Show” voting to a close, I’m going to ask that this thread and poll be closed on June 15. A week from today.

If you want to have voted in this poll please do so by then.


Compare these rankings with those in Post #8 to see how the voting is going.

The Muppet Show                          31 42.47% 
Jeopardy!                                31 42.47% 
Frasier                                  28 38.36% 
The X-Files                              23 31.51% 
South Park                               23 31.51% 

Star Trek Deep Space Nine                22 30.14% 
Big Bang Theory                          22 30.14% 
Taxi                                     21 28.77% 
30 Rock                                  18 24.66% 
Dexter                                   18 24.66% 

Roseanne                                 18 24.66% 
3rd Rock from the Sun                    16 21.92% 
Get Smart                                16 21.92% 
Carol Burnett Show                       15 20.55% 
Bones                                    14 19.18% 

The Cosby Show                           14 19.18%
Law and Order (Brisco/Green)             13 17.81% 
The Price is Right                       13 17.81% 
Red Dwarf                                13 17.81% 
Antiques Roadshow                        11 15.07% 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show                11 15.07% 
Psych                                    11 15.07% 
Monday Night Football                    10 13.70% 
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In              10 13.70% 
The Young Ones                            9 12.33% 

I Love Lucy                               8 10.96% 
NYPD Blue                                 7 9.59% 
QI                                        7 9.59% 
Gilmore Girls                             6 8.22% 
Law And Order: Special Victims            5 6.85% 

Criminal Minds                            4 5.48% 
Sanford and Son                           4 5.48% 
Yes (Prime) Minister                      3 4.11% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 73. 

My current thinking is to drop those shows with less than 20% of the vote from the Final Poll.

See the latest sort in the “Section C” thread for comparisons.

Thread – and poll – closed at the request of the OP.