Polycarp for President

Inspired by the reasonableness of pretty much everything he’s ever posted;

And especially by his comments in this thread;

And feeling that conservatives would be placated by having a Christian in the white house;

Further feeling that liberals would be just as placated by having anyone with his compassionate additude there as well;

Knowing as well, that the teeming millions and their respective extended families could constitute a fairly sizable voting block;

Therefore, it is decided by me that we should draft Polycarp for President of the United States and throw his name into the hat for the next election.

Poly is a math geek? Huh

I think it should be: *Polycarp for America’s Daddy. Similar job, with some of us knowing who’s our daddy.


Damn screwed up coding.


I’d vote for him, yep. Really, even.

I would vote for him. The perfect running mate would be Cecil, because we’ll never have to know what he looks like if he takes after Cheney and sits in a bunker most of the time.

No, you’re working that part backwards! The former Math Geek is now (Dr.) Orbifold.

Polycarp is still Polycarp. :slight_smile:

I’d vote for him. His beliefs are about as close to mine as they can be without him adopting my exact beliefs.

In fact, I may well vote for him unless someone better (ha. joke, people:)) comes along.

So, can one of you Merikens vote for him in my place? Isn’t that how it works? :slight_smile:

I’d vote for Polycarp, sure thing. But only if he promises to improve his golf game.

Yep, I’d vote for him. I’d vote for him twice. I’d call my dead relatives and have them vote for him too.

But who would be his running mate? I’m thinking tomndebb. Or maybe Colin Powell. :smiley:

Esprix would be a good running mate. Covers lots of leanings that way, from the gay crowd to sci-fi geeks to moderate Christians to punsters.
I’ll bring in the Trek Doper™ vote (for a cabinet position). :slight_smile:

Alright, so we have the Straight Dope Party. When’re the primaries? Any idea as to when the national convention should be held? Or should we do this electronically and simply hold an ‘online’ convention and vote that way.

Oh, hell, why not! After the silliness in 2000, I’m surprised we haven’t seen the Dead Voters of Chicago League. :smiley:

My fellow Americans…

I accept.

Bring on the dancing boys!


Polycarp would never make it in public office. He’s to honest, decent and caring.

“Too,” that is. Sorry.

I’d vote for them!

We need to come up with a slogan.

Knowledge is good.

Oh, for Poly? Ummm…

Polycarp & Esprix in 2004
I mean, really - COME ON! Sheesh!

I like it!


I like this idea! (And it does wonders for my employment situation!)

We’ll need to put together a platform: ideas from the TM are welcomed. And campaign slogans?

How do these sound for appointments after we win:
[ul][li]CJHoworth for Chief of Staff[/li][li]Jonathan Chance for Press Secretary[/li][li]minty green or Jodi for Attorney General[/li][li]Bluesman for National Security Advisor[/li][li]Canvas Shoes for Secretary of the Interior[/ul][/li]
Now, how do we get this bandwagon rolling? :slight_smile: