Post Here if You Think Colby is An IDIOT (spoiler)

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was actually starting to like the guy. Then he throws it by voting Keith off. I mean sure Tina did deserve to win more than Keith but Colby had it in the BAG.

I mean the point of the game is winning right? Well he lost $900,000 bucks for I have no clue why?

What an IDIOT! He makes Texans look stupid.

Amen! I could not believe that he threw away a million dollars by voting off the disagreeable Keith in favor of the nice and likeable Tina. What a schmoe! (still want to do him, though)

Would any of the four people who voted for Tina have voted for Colby if the choice was Colby or Keith? If not, he still would have lost. He said that his perspective on the game changed from winning to making sure the best survivor won, and he wasn’t sure whether that was him or Tina but he knew it wasn’t Keith, Elizabeth, or Rodger.

The funny thing is, I think that if Tina had won immunity, she would have voted Keith off, too, for pretty much the same reason.

As Lex Luthor said in Superman II, “That’s what ballast is for.”

I’m on the fence on this one, but Mr. Cranky thinks Colby is a gddmned moron.

It’s a little funny how every solo camera monologue with Colby was all about the game, the game, keeping one’s head in the game, gotta win the game, gonna win this thing, it’s all about winning.

Then, after it was down to two, it was suddenly “It’s no longer about the game. Winning doesn’t matter. It stopped being a game when it was just the two of us. That last night was no more game.”

What price sleeping well? Really, if you’re the sort to feel guilty about screwing the more deserving person, then Colby’s action was the correct one. That’s how I am. The thing is, though, I don’t think Colby is like that. I think Colby could easily say “Sure Tina was the better person, but that’s not what we’re here for and she knows it and I know it and everyone else knows it too.” No guilt.

He still gets $100,000, a new car, a cool trip to Australia plus stuff no one else got (helicopter rides, horseback riding, great barrier reef experience, etc), and a boatload of mileage out of this.

I can’t imagine what Tina’s future will be like in terms of attention and endorsements. Other than being the winner, I don’t think she’s terribly marketable. I think she’ll take her $1M and go home. Which is fine.

Colby blew it. He thought that he could win the money AND be looked upon favorably by the world. He thought that his action of choosing Tina over Keith would be regarded as so admirable that the others would just vote for him on merit.
But it backfired. People voted for Tina because they thought that she somehow strategically convinced Colby to pick her. But it wasn’t Tina’s intelligence that won it for her. It was Colby’s stupidity. As soon as he picked Tina, I said to myself: “This guy is an idiot.” He is very fortunate to have won the immunity challenges, because he would’ve gotten crushed if he hadn’t.

Also, I absolutely guarantee you that Tina would’ve picked Keith if she would’ve won immunity. She’s a cut-throat player. And her explanation would have been something like: “I picked Keith because I think I have a better chance against him than Colby. Colby, I love you, and you’re like a little brother to me. But I came here to win this thing and I hope that you understand. You’ll always be a member of my family blah, blah, blah…” And I’m positive that she would have won unanimously (or maybe 6 to 1), and would have even received Colby’s vote.

But I want to add that I think the producers told Colby and Tina to pick the other and guaranteed them each $1 million. Think about it, for ratings purposes and for keeping people interested for future Survivor series, it was important to have a close vote. If Keith made it to the final two, millions of people would’ve turned their sets off.

Finally, I also want to add that I’m never watching Survivor again. The producers are picking the wrong kinds of contestants. These contestants are too interested in image and become too emotionally attached to each other. I have the least amount of respect for Rodger, who I regard as the King of the Wussies. He voluntarily excused himself to keep Elisabeth in the game. Then why the hell is he playing to begin with?!?! He could’ve won some immunities and scored some cash. I think that he had some psycho-sexual Freud thing going on with Elisabeth. And maybe that was his subconscious plan: He bows out, sacrifices the cash, and then later scores with his Outback daughter. She did call him her Outback Daddy.

A couple of things here, some off topic…but I don’t want to start a whole OTHER Survivor thread so I’ll just add to this one. (since I’ve recently been informed by some posters that I should ‘get a life’ and that I open ‘a lot of threads’)

Colby said three weeks ago that he’d rather sit next to the person who he could best compete with rather than the person he could most easily beat, so it really shouldn’t be 100% shock that he chose Tina. Although I did choke on my salsa when he did it. I like Colby. I think he knows damn well that he’s going to make so much damn money in endorsements and the like (with those pearly white teeth and those glittery blue eyes) that $1 million is going to seem stupid.

Besides, I’m sure he was anxious to go home and have a ‘conjugal visit’ with his mom :rolleyes: Note to Colby: Maybe a Dictionary Should Have Been Your Luxury Item.

My favorite part of the show, however, was when Jerri got up, and basically BEGGED Colby to apologize for being mean to her (by cleverly asking him if he felt guilty about anything) and he turned and apologized to almost everyone BUT her!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…Oh Jerri…I couldn’t hate you more if I were being paid for it.


Ditto what jarbaby said. Colby knew full well that he stood a better chance against Keith than against Tina, but voted him out anyway out of loyalty to Tina. Still, the final vote was really close. He seemed genuinely happy when Jeff Probst revealed the last ballot, jumping up and down for joy while Tina covered her face with her hands. You’d almost think that Colby had taken the million, rather than Tina.

I also liked Tina’s answer to Jerri, saying she regretted going through Kel’s bag looking for the alleged beef jerky. Jerri was just begging for that one!

On the other hand, Colby might not have been misusing the word; after all, he is from Texas!

I haven’t watched any of I or II. There have been reports that Survivor II was skewed in Colby’s favor. Take a look at these pics of what appears to be Colby cheating and these indicating Colby should have lost the Slingshot Immunity challenge.

Watch it, goboy.

There were two thoughts that popped into my mind when Colby took Tina instead of Keith. First, I thought he must be awful confident–and considering how squishy a couple of the Tina voters were, that confidence almost paid off.

Second, I really did get the feeling he was making a conscious decision to do the “right” thing and increase his post-Survivor marketability. Nobody else on that show has the chance to cash in as much as he does, and being all noble and stuff certainly won’t hurt that. However, the boy definitely looked last night like he swore a Scarlett O’Hara oath after they got him out of the outback. “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!” But at least he doesn’t look so much like Matthew McConaughey now.

We here at Casa Jess were absolutely astounded by the turn of events. My first thought was that Colby was, indeed, a dunce. However, he is certifiably cute. In fact, I’ll arm wrestle you for him Goboy.

[TMI] I actually had a sexy dream about Colby last night – i can’t remember the last time I had a sexy dream about a not-real, celebrity-type TV-ish person. [/TMI]

To be fair, he probably remembered what happened last year when the Kelly kicked the popular Rudy out instead of hated Richard.

Well, I was incredibly surprised by it. I thought he would have had the million dollars in the bag if it came up to a contest of him against Keith.

But, had he chosen Keith, he personally would have been responsible for awarding Keith $100,000. It looked like there was a lot of animosity there. I guess maybe it was worth the risk of losing $900,000 just to keep from giving Keith the cash.

(Or maybe he just didn’t want another one of those godawful mutant yellow cars)


Me too! And this right after Tina’s answer along the lines of “Yes, when you inspired me to sink down to your level and search through Kel’s bag”…

OH OH OH and when they were asked who DIDNT deserve to win! They BOTH said Jerri!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

At the little party I was at, someone said it was too bad that JERRI didnt fall in the fire.
I replied dryly: “Witches wont burn.”
And the show after - when Kel said the scariest thing in the outback was jerri!! Oh my sides!

I HATE Jerri. She was the tramp of Jerri-mundi, and the Skank of Oga-whore, but she will forever be remembered for the turbo-bitch that she is!


I have to get out more.

On another note: Oh, poor, poor deb! thepress was mean to her!
Well, dont fuck your step son you creepy freak.

Maybe it’s my “hatred fatigue” acting up again (the thread’s buried somwhere in MPSIMS…go ahead, search), but I’m finding it impossible to muster up any animosity for Colby Donaldson.

Who knows what he was thinking? Who knows what motive he may have had for rejecting the easy victory (although considering the kind of clashes he had with Keith, I think “not letting him get $100,000” is pretty plausible)? He was there. He lived through the hunger, the rain, the trying to stay focused from day to day. We didn’t. I’m certainly not going to judge.

Remember that poor groundskeeper who got Mark MacGuire’s magical 62 and was simply returned it? My god, he was so freaking moronic!!! All he got was a new minivan and a host of other prizes, as well as a lifetime worth of goodwill. Speaking of which, anyone heard from Richard Hatch lately? Supposed to be appearing in some play. Or some other public appearance. Or something. It’s hard to tell right now, especially since his marketability hasn’t been so hot since he got off that island.

Listen, people, Colby was thinking about his future. As has been stated on at least one Survivor I board, market yourself right and the rewards you’ll receive for the rest of your life will dwarf the million bucks.

Or maybe voting Keith out was just holding to the “kill Richard” imperative that everyone was holding to from the very beginning.

He seemed genuinely happy at Tina’s victory. He didn’t whine, kick himself, or blame anyone. Really, how mad can I get?

I know… I was just sitting there saying “what the hell was that?!” If he has chosen to go to the final three with Keith, HE COULD HAVE WON! I have absolutely no idea why he would do that after getting that far - I mean, I could see how Tina might deserve it more, but we’re talking about ONE MILLION DOLLARS here. It’s not the time to be unselfish. Unless he didn’t want to do a Kelly and pick the person who he thought he would lose against in case it backfired… but who knows? He did get out with a hell of a lot of money and prizes though, I think he’d still be pretty happy.

And who else was disappointed about Jerri not exploding? After she had the first question backfire on her completely, I was waiting for her to do a Susan, but she just… gave up. And I really didn’t expect that kind of restraint from her. I wanted some BITCHINESS, dammit!

I’m guessing Colby thought he could kick off Keith, let Tina win the $100,000, and still safely collect the million himself. Ironically, winning all those immunities may have hurt him by making him over-confident and shielding him from the harsh reality of the tribal councils. If he had had to sweat out a few votes earlier, he might have been more worried and chosen his final companion differently.

So what you’re saying is that you’re mad at the producers because the contestants don’t form emotional bonds; but Rodger is a wuss because he did form an emotional bond???

From what I’ve heard, Rodger doesn’t need the money. I thought it was a classy thing he did.

As for Colby, another thread mentions that he signed a $3.5 million contract with Levi’s. I was surprised he voted Keith off; it’s not what I would have done. But he has the image of a competitor and a nice guy. That’s going to be worth a few simoleons for him. In the end, I think he made the right choice.

Is it TMI for me to say that the thought of this required me to go change my panties?
I agree with DKW on the issue of Colby. I STILL think he’s a winner. I think this edition of Survivor was the polar opposite of the first in that everyone left hating each other in the first one and this one seemed to be about a lot of self reflection and relationships. I loved watching Rodger and Elizabeth, the mystery of Amberpuppet and Jerri. Everyone liked Jeff, the alliance of Tina and Colby was fascinating, And really, Colby was a sweetheart when he wasn’t using Jerri as a dog

hold on…I have to go change again…

I genuinely believe that he was happy for Tina. He knew his future was secure without a piddly $1 million and another hideous car to make out with his mom in.

But I was disappointed that we didn’t get another speech akin to Susan’s at the end. That was what one of the greatest moments of television ever.


Colby isn’t stupid, he’s a southerner. And southern white men, in my experience, usually have this in common: a) they are deferential to women; b) they are fiercely loyal; c) they are puzzlingly proud of their birthstate; and d) they are racist (though I saw no evidence of this from Colby).

Besides, Colby was blessed with good looks, a sound body, a good brain, athletic ability, and a family who loves him. Of all the people on that show, he needed the money the least, IMO. He’ll be fine.