Power: A Woman's Gaze

Women and men are very different beings. I think this should come as no surprise to many of us. But the nature of each is not really understood, and the powers of each are neglected.

Mostly here I’m thinking of women. The concept of women as the weaker sex is something I’ve never bought into – especially as my ex gave birth to two children and I’m still at zero.

What really gets me though, is the incredible power of a single look. Now please tell me if I’m wrong or if you disagree, but a single look from a woman, made correctly, can completely strip a man of any and all strength and reason. I’ve seen it and been victimized by it: Women have control that is utterly instinctual and unstoppable.

A woman can gaze directly into a man’s eyes and render him a retard. Three times I know this has been done to me, none of which actually meant anything, but I recall them with perfect clarity and discomfiture. It was a power I was completely unable to contend with. I was enthralled despite myself. It was like a shotgun blast to the brain. I was a deer in headlights.

Men, have you experienced this and do you find it as … well, both emasculating and yet incredibly appealing as I do … and women, are you aware you do this? Have you actively used it?

I read somewhere that men find it very uncomfortable for anyone to stare them directly in the eyes for more than about two seconds (even their wife or children or people very close to them). Maybe that’s part of what happens when a woman looks you in the eye and turns you into a retard, Gorgon Heap. To answer your question, no, as a woman, I’m not aware of ever having turned a man into a retard with my stare - I’ll have to go ask my husband if I’ve done that to him. It would be kind of awesome if I have. :slight_smile:

Yes and yes.

I found out that it’s not the kind of thing you ought to throw about willy-nilly as young, foolish girls are apt to do. :wink:

I suspect it works better the younger you are. It’s probably been a good 10 years since I’ve done anything of the sort.

Cat Whisperer, you do that and get back to us. Inquiring minds and all that.

Oh, and I like your sig. Heh.

Thread/username combo FTW

I wish this were true, so I could use it on Bart Stupak and Joe Lieberman to get them to stop fucking with the health care bill.

Do you think that the women who are still paid less than their male colleagues just haven’t found the right payroll exec to direct their Look at? How do you think The Look works as a domestic violence and/or rape prevention tool?

Na , it was that vulcan eyebrow thing. The world comes to a crashing halt and all you can think is OH fuck.


This is why God gave women boobs. Just stare at those instead. That way you wont be effected by this imobilizing stare you speak of.

I honestly don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t mean I’ve never seen men become stupified in a woman’s presence, but the reasons are varied.

Are you talking about the “glare of death”? The seductive glance? The uncomfortable stare? The look right through you? What?

None of these are even remotely magical. It’s just that women generally are more expressive. As better communicators, they are more likely to know what body language is most likely make the person feel uncomfortable, confusing him. But it’s nowhere near difficult to dismiss–just be prepared for it. And learn how to respond in kind.

My guess is that this reveals more about you than it does about “women in general”. That’s only a guess, of course, but I certainly don’t feel that women (or anyone else) have that power over me. Sounds like you hang out with the women of the Justice League or something!

Medusa, Stheno and Euryale yup?

See, now this is why I avoid making eye contact.

Update: Nope, I have never stared my husband into retardation. Dammit!

I don’t even know what you’re talking about, so I guess my answers to your last two questions are “no” and “no”. I can certainly think of times in my life when it would have been useful for me to have the power of stopping a man in his tracks, but unfortunately I either do not possess this gift or do not know how to use it.

Whatever you’re describing, you say it’s only happened to you three times in your life. That would indicate to me that it isn’t some universal feminine power, or even particularly common. I’d further speculate that your three experiences had a lot more to do with what was going on in your mind than anything these women were thinking or doing.

this reminds me of the Olympics- remember that Italian figure skating couple? During their routine, he dropped her. At the end of the skit, she glared at him for a good 10 seconds before they left the ice. He looked quite nervous. Let me see if I can find a picture.

I have better luck reducing my boyfriend to retardation with my boobs. Guess my eyes are broken or something.

here it is

I can sometimes stop my brother in his tracks by glaring at him. I haven’t tried it on any other guys. Maybe he just remembers that I could beat him up when we were little.

This is pretty exactly what I thought when I read the OP.

I have this very problem with an employee at the bank branch I frequent.

Today, while I was filling out my deposit slip, she walked by as she was helping another customer. I casually (knew exactly who was walking toward me) glanced up from the calculator I was using. She was looking right at me as she drifted by. She greeted me with enthusiasm as our eyes met. Her gaze utterly destroys me.

What really sucks is that I don’t currently have the time, money or footing where I can realistically be dating - even if by some miracle I’m not misinterpreting good customer service for flirting.

Someone kill me please. :stuck_out_tongue: