Predict how long Paris & Paris will stay married.

Ninety days, give or take.


I think they will both love Paris in the Springtime.

But then it’s adieu.

How long did her sister’s marriage last? That long + 1 day.

In some ways, they’ll always have Paris.

I’m going to say two years and with a possible child before she goes back to her attention whoring ways.

… and Paris’s mom counts as expert on teaching classy behavior how, exactly?

I thought Tom Paris was married to B’elanna Torres.

She wears the required mod-bouffant and pearls.

I give them 'til the end of this post.

There…that should do it.

8 months.

Until each of them realizes that the other got married so that he/she could get away with screaming out their own name during sex.

Could either of them count to 90?

Does it matter? Seems both of them got through life just fine so far without an ounce of smarts or talent.


Well, having a big fat trust fund is helpful in that manner.

Well they’re both in their 20s right? Conceivablty it could be 50 years (give or take 49.5).

I give them 12 hours. Yeah, I’m an optimist.

They’ve already outlasted my interest.

3 weeks.

I’ll agree that it will at least be slightly longer than her sister’s flash in the pan wedding.

I can’t even escape Ms. Hilton by watching the local news. Yesterday they had to report that Paris says she will be “retiring” in two years to concentrate on having a family*. I think they were trying hard not to actually use the words “attention whore” but they did make such comments as “I thought you had to have a job to retire?” and “She loves the camera too much.”. I will at least give them credit for looking like they really did not want to report that “news” story. It is my hope that in less than two years, the “public” will finally have had enough and the media will stop shoving her in our faces so she won’t need to “retire” because she’ll already be fading into obscurity.
*The idea of her reproducing scares me. At least the kids will likely be raised by nannys and may not get as messed up as mom. But I can’t see her being able to carry a baby in that matchstick body, she’ll probably rent out a uterus to incubate them.

Who cares?

Why anyone would care a whit about either of them is beyond me. What is it about our own lives that makes us even notice Paris Hilton? This is a case of people being sheep led around by mass media who tell us that Paris is fabulous and we should care what she does because she was born into circumstances that allow her to have every material need met and exceeded.

Is that what holds our interest? Detritus like this is simply a distraction from the real world.