Project Runway 8/19

I guess I know nothing about fashion, because I thought all of those hats were horrible. As for the designers, I’ll have to post back later.

I guess I’ll add that I thought Christopher’s dress was great, and didn’t belong in the bottom three, and that I didn’t think that either Michael belonged in the top three.

Was Christopher’s the one that Heidi said looked “sad?” We thought it was great. I did not understand their criticism.

Yeah, she said it was sad, and Michael Kors said it drug the model down instead of lifting her up.

I thought it was great and also went with the hat.

Diaper lady should have gone home. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on a runway anywhere. Bleh.

I thought Christopher’s dress was great. I think Gretchen is going to find out about the phrase “Pride goeth before a fall”, although I think she’s talented and will go far. I want to see her have to endure the bottom 3. I was sad for Michael C that the designers were so lackluster in their congratulations for his win, making more of a fuss about Christopher being safe. I’ll admit, his dress didn’t seem all that special to me - a Grecian looking thing. But he did pull it off at the last moment, and it was 1000 times better than his first attempt.I think the other Michael’s skirt was clever and the top matched the hat well, although it didn’t look comfortable. I can’t believe April with the diaper-butt stayed over Kristen, who suffered from a lack of vision. She would’ve done better to chose a different model with a different hat. Speaking of hats, April’s looked like the cover of Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” I think a turquoise sheath dress might’ve continued the Seussian theme.


I think the judges’ main issue with Christopher was that they just typically don’t like black and gray together. You can get by with it when you use a light, airy fabric and do draping, or if you use a third fairly bright color, but not just those in a heavy fabric. They automatically mark it down as funereal clothes, and there’s nothing they hate more than funereal clothes on the runway. All that aside, I love love loved that print and the jacket, but was pretty lukewarm about the rest of the outfit. Part of it’s that I just don’t care for the whole leggings look, but they didn’t seem to fit right and the whole thing just didn’t quite gel.

I thought both Michaels absolutely belonged in the top 3. Those dresses both fit great, the colors were great with the models’ skin, and they gelled with the hats without being all matchy-matchy. And they were beautiful dresses in and of themselves without referencing the hats. The one I thought didn’t belong in there was Valerie. It was a nice enough dress, but not really all that interesting and it had no connection to her hat except for the black in the zippers.

The absolute best part of the whole show, though, was the sour, sour face on Miss The Bar Has Been Set At A Very High Level. She’s such a smug, self-important twit.

I loved loved loved the hats! They were pure fantasy. Wonderful.

I want to smack Ivy.

I hate, hate, HATE superfluous zippers. Didn’t like them in the '80s, don’t like them now.

Valerie’s offering with that zipper in the back made me think of Data from Star Trek as that’s where his “off” switch is located.

The diaper horror should have been burned in the workroom and not allowed near the runway. It’s a diaper! It’s quilted! It’s Depends!

I liked Christopher’s design but hated, hated the fabric – as someone upthread said, I think he could’ve passed it off in choosing something lighter and airier. It reminded me of one of those Victorian frocks worn by grim-faced 19th century women :shudder:

I was pleased with both Michaels; however, I think I would have given the win to Michael D simply because I thought skirt, silhouette, and colors he chose were more in line with the hat’s mood than Michael C’s. I loved Michael C’s dress, though.

Ivy, you can shut up any time now.

Gretchen, just wait until you get yours.

My guess on why the diaper stayed was probably because her jacket was really good. If she had paired the jacket with a simple short black pencil skirt, she may have been in the top three.

Kristin’s dress was really blah and personally, I think she really could have done much better in making a dress to compliment the orchid hat. Her color choice was off. She should have gone with white or pink, not black as the primary color of the dress.

I think Michael C’s dress just didn’t translate to the screen well enough. The judges talked about the complimentary nature of the two, which was hard to see on TV. I also really liked Christopher’s design and don’t see how it ended up in the bottom.

Gretchen is still getting the bitch edit, although I think they are being generous to Ivy. She totally seems like she is annoying as all hell as well.

Yeah, it took me a second to recognize that it was a zipper at first, and then when I knew what it was it confused me because it didn’t seem to have a purpose. It was just there.

Well, actually it could have a purpose - open it to display a “tramp stamp” tattoo. :smiley:

Besides the color I think Kristin’s dress had some fundamental problems.

Since he got a lot more camera time in this episode I found myself frantic to figure out what actor he reminds me of. Wow…just while typing that I figured it out. He has some facial similarities to the actor who plays Jeremy on Army Wives. (which is also on Lifetime. Coincidence?. . .)

We get it Gretchen, you’re confident. Now, simmer down and let someone else talk.

I wonder how knowledgeable about fashion these folks really are. Several of them seemed convinced Christopher was the hands down winner. Then Casanova said “Michael’s dress is boring. Every girl in Puerto Rico has that in her closet.” “Congratulations, Michael. You are the winner…”

They were falling all over themselves over a crinkle skirt.
Apparently, they don’t spend much time with organic neo-hippies, because that’s all you see all the time. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t the least bit original.
I had a hard time taking the guest judge seriously because those hats were stupid. When he criticized something, I thought “but you think that hat looks good.” when he praised something I thought “coming from the maker of ‘whatever the hell that is on her head,’ that’s not a compliment.”

If any of you use to watch MST3K one of the masks reminded me of “The Wild World of Batwoman” Pic

I know, right? I HAVE an orange crinkle skirt and have had it for YEARS. I apparently was super-fashion forward. :wink: I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I don’t want to dislike Gretchen based on just the bitch-edit, but it’s really hard not to. And her garment was awful. I too would like to see her on the bottom, take her down a notch. It’s so hard to know how much is bitch and what is bitch-edit.

I meant to say hat instead of mask, but it was the, uhm, mask hat, I was thinking of.

Thank you. I would laugh my ass off if I saw one of those coming down the street. They’d be bad, even at a renaissance faire!

I agree. When Tim was questioning Valerie about it, and she said it was just for detailing, I wondered why you would do that instead of just some contrasting stitching, or a different colored/textured panel of fabric. The zippers, to me, just screamed, “I’m trying to be ‘edgy’!” without any real sense of purpose.