Project Runway April 15 2010: Finale Part 1

First post to avoid spoilering.

Now that the spoiler space exists…

WTF was that? Jay might have overworked his stuff, but it was WAY more interesting than Mila’s. Oh, and any residual like I might have had for her evaporated when she said “I don’t want to get beat by that little faggot.”

Tim was harsh, for sure. I think they all needed it, though. However, I suspect that Seth Aaron listened but Emilio did not. We’ll see, though.

Nina was very cute during the decision phase, though, when she couldn’t make up her mind. And we have post-pregnancy Heidi back.

How cliche is Mila? Black and white home decor, black and white dog, black and white collection. My fear is that she will win, not because her garments are particularly innovative (Tim Gunn called them matronly) but because they are so well-made. Kors even called them retro and said Jay’s were totally fashion-forward. So she gets picked???

I thought she called Jay a “little f**k.” A “little faggot” is even worse and just shows her lack of class.

I hope Seth Aaron takes home the prize.

I didn’t really like either of them all that much.

She called Jay a little faggot? (I was flipping between channels so I think must have missed that.) Also I missed the spotlight on her home. Did she have loving friends/family or did she live alone under a bridge like a troll a la Kenley Collins?

I was somewhat puzzled by their choice. Especially when they said it came down to a question of “which one makes you want to see more?” Really? You want to see more of Mila’s stuff? You get more of her stuff you’re going to get more of the same. How many different black&white pieces in a row until you’re bored? 4? 5?
While Jay’s wasn’t the best stuff I’ve ever seen it definitely made me want to see more.

I’m glad it’s almost over. I’ve started to come unglued a little bit every time Heidi asks, “So, have we made our decision?”, and Kors gives the same exact head nod (eyes slightly closed, a little too earnest, three quick nods… onetwothree… ). Everytime!! Gah!

Oh, and Mila sucks.

I missed the beginning,Seth’s review,and most of Emilio’s too. Jays stuff was cool but kind of boring and the gator chap things reminded me of Stella Boparella’s pov.(speaking of kenley).

I thought Mila’s lips called Jay a little shit, and they both cried on camera. How do they get them to do that? But Mila had more camera time and that used to mean sayonara. But she was saved, by Heidi, but really, would she wear all of Mila’s stuff, even post preggers? the boxy black and white capes and checkerboard patterns? They say her stuff is so well ocnstructed but the cameras don’t bother to tell us that story. There used to be so much more workroom action in these shows.

Nina did sound loopy and goofy, is she pregnant again?

I don’t think Tim likes Emilio that much, Seth and Mila really are the nicest of the bunch.

I couldn’t tell either if it was “faggot” or “fucker”. Either way, it was tasteless. I never really liked her, and this makes me like her even less.

She has a house decorated in black and white and a Dalmatian. Her boyfriend and parents were there. Tim asked her parents if she always dressed in black and white and there was some muttering and eventually her father said she went through a Goth period yaddayadayadda hohumhohumhohum.

Me and my husband argued about this (yes, he watches it even though he pretends he is just watching it for me, I know he likes it). He says Mila said ‘faggot’, but I am 100% certain they would have completely edited that out had she said that. She must have said ‘fuck’.

That zipper jacket that Seth Aaron made was great; the one he showed Tim. I love it. I wish he would make it in a size 4X, price it for Macey’s and I would be rocking that, skin tight, boobs busting out the top!

I have a confession. I am rooting for Emilio to win. I know he’s hated, but I like him.

Hey, did anyone notice that Emilio got called on his Louis Vuitton rip-off? I was so glad it was at least mentioned. It was so blatant that it was like the elephant in the room.

ETA: Freudian Slit, I wouldn’t guess Mila lived under a bridge. I would guess she lived in Whoville. (shout out to Grean Bean who I think nailed it when she said she looks like the Grinch).

Haha. She IS the Grinch! When I first saw her I thought “Christine Baranski” but a mean Christine Baranski.

What’s a size 4X? I’ve heard of that kind of sizing, with the x, but not sure what it is exactly.

Haaa! You cracking me up. Suffice it to say that it is a very large size, for large women.

They always complain that black and white isn’t innovative/interesting/whatevs, but last cycle that horrible woman won with her funeral procession, and now Milla is set to do the same. I’m really beginning to doubt their commitment to “fashion forward” styles. I was really hoping this season would renew my interest in Project Runway after how boring the last one was, but if Milla wins, that’ll be it for me.

Emilio was being an arrogant asshole. Yeah, what does Tim Gunn know about women’s fashions? Does he even know who Tim Gunn is? I thought the pieces we’ve seen of his collection were u-g-l-y.

I’m really looking forward to see what Seth Aaron does with 24 outfits…

How does it compare to normal sizing? Like, the ones that go in just numbers, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, etc.?

pepperlandgirl, I had a real “WTF?” moment at that. It’s TIM GUNN. In what dimension is he not an expert in women’s fashion? Even if you personally don’t like his taste or what he has to say about women’s clothing, he’s been on Project Runway since the beginning. He knows the judges. He knows what they like and what they will find boring. He even has been the guest judge (in season five? I remember Kenley shitting a brick when she realized he was going to co judge). He’s not some extra they just put on for a laugh. He knows his stuff.

Er…well…you know how you stopped at 16? You would kinda keep right on going…probably to 22.

I thought Mila said “fucker.” I just think that someone who’s been in the costuming and fashion industry for years would have totally purged “faggot” from their vocabulary years ago.

I almost lost it when I saw that Mila had a black and white dog. I thought that was cute and clever…until I saw the rest of her place. Then it just seemed lame.

Speaking of black and white–one reason I don’t like black & white clothes is that I never know whether to wash them with the darks or lights! Anybody have any ideas?

I was very surprised at the decision to boot Jay, for exactly the reasons mentioned upthread–who needs to see more from Mila?

:: Joining Nzinga in cracking up ::

Okay, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

When a commercial clothing pattern is designed, they make a pattern to fit a certain size fit model, usually a 6 or an 8. Then they size the pattern up or down to make the other sizes. This only works up to a point. A plus-size woman simply won’t be proportioned like a size 8 woman. So they design clothes especially for the plus-size market, using a plus-size fit model and sizing that pattern up or down from there. There is some overlap, however.

So if the clothing size has a W after it, then you know it’s based on a plus-size pattern. Numbered plus sizes go 14W, 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, etc. Theoretically, a 16W corresponds to a regular 16, but because they’re based on different patterns, the fit will be quite different. Usually a size 16 woman would fit better in a 14W.

Similarly, “X” sizes pick up from where regular S,M,L,XL sizes leave off. 1X would be about an XXL. 2X would be about an XXXL, and so forth. Much like in regular sizes, the correspondence between the number sizes and the X sizes varies widely by brand.

The upshot of all this is that it REALLY sucks to be a size 16! The regular size 16s are impossible to find, even if you can find them, they don’t fit right because they were designed for a size 6. And 14W is hard to find too, and those won’t fit right anyway, because they were patterned on a size 20W fit model. Size XLs will often feel too tight, but something in 1X will fit like a tent.

Much easier to shop if you’re plus-sized than if you’re in-between.

I don’t know, they couldn’t quit drooling after Christian Siriano a few years ago and his entire collection was black. Can you tell I was unimpressed by him?


Every week I close my eyes a bit and do his stupid head nod along with him.!

Also Tim and his “Use the Blue Fly wall THOUGHTFULLY”

The x sizes are part of the S, M, L, XL progression. After XL, you start adding an x to the next size, so a 4x is an XXXXL. The number size it corresponds to depends on what sort of scale that particular label uses–I’ve seen it listed as anything from a 22 to a 28.

I don’t know WTF the judges are smoking to let Mila move on over Jay. I mean, does anyone want to see more black and white colorblocking? I certainly don’t. I stopped wanting to see more about the third challenge, frankly.

I guess it doesn’t terribly matter, really. It’s not like Jay didn’t get to show at Fashion Week. Of course, it’s not like it’s really all that special to get to show any more–more than half of them did this time. It makes it a lot harder to buy into the drama of the whole final elimination.

I liked Mila’s collection better but there’s no way in hell she’s going to win.

I’m rooting for Seth Aaron. A nice guy who makes interesting clothing. Mila is boring and Emilio is an egomaniac.

Nooooooooooo! ! ! It is just so obvious to me that we have seen what Mila has to offer.

And judging from the bobbing of her adams apple, I’d say the word was “F@gg0t” Which just completely blows any chance of my ever wanting to do business with her, or wear anything remotely connected to her.

Karma’s a bitch though, and I’m certain that the fashion industry will take note. She’ll find herself relegated to designing “modest” fashions for the Quiverfull set. Cue wide open ‘Who’ eyes and bright smile: “Oh, but the corduroy jumper dress is color blocked in black and white to give it that ‘modern’ feel!!!”

I actually liked Mila until that comment.

I so want to see Jay’s collection. Anybody know where I can find it?