Project Runway Reunion--2/22

Poor, drunk Guadalupe. I’m enjoying this so much I can’t even tell you.

I loved Chloe’s description of Andrae’s “English, French, gay” accent.

Ooh, The Revenge of the Elongated Marshmallow is coming up!

Sorry, one more thing I wanted to say: It was evil to give these people alcohol and put them in front of the camera! Poor Daniel Franco came off like a total stalker, and you know that was just drunk talk. sigh

Loved the singing montage.

Bwahahaha! I loved the Andrae facial expression/dance montage. And his drama meltdown timer. Wonder if he really did do that for almost 10 minutes?

Also liked Daniel Franco going off on Santino’s ridiculous lingere collection. I wish they’d had aired it during that episode!

That was so great! Lupe was loopy, no? Just how drunk was she?!? Man, everybody sure was wide open on this show! I would love to see more of the musicals and the impressions - they were having so much fun, and it was a blast to watch! Those of you that got the season 1 DVD - what are the extras? Is there enough of this kind of stuff to justify buying it? I can’t wait to watch it again!

This does explain why Santino had his panties in a bunch after the fashion show, though. I honestly don’t think he expected this well-earned dogpile, and it bugged him more than we saw in the reunion. I guess we’ll know more after the finale!

Lupe seemed like she had mixed pills with booze. Nick came off very well.

Daniel Franco was either drunk or he’s a truly creepy guy. I’m thinking creepy. Did you see the look on Heidi’s face when he declared his love for her. I noticed there was a quick edit after that, too. I wonder what they cut.

Yes, Daniel’s declaration of love for Heidi had quite the “this was a moment” feel to it, didn’t it? Weird. Very weird. And yeah, Guadelupe was just out there – loved her shout-out to some friend of hers who she hoped understood what in the hell she was saying.

Santino really did seem bothered by the pile-on. At one point he looked like he was wiping away tears, but then again he’s always sticking his fingers in his eyes. I think he truly had no real understanding of how he comes across until then, and I can understand that it would be difficult to come through that unscathed. Then again, I never understood his oft-repeated statement that he was “not there to make friends, [he’s] here to win.” Well, fine. And that would make more sense if the show was, say, Survivor or something, where your fellow contestants have some impact on how far you make it. But that isn’t the case on Project Runway. You make it as far as your designs take you, no matter how much you’re liked or disliked by the other designers. Oh well.

Andre’s meltdown going for 10 minutes. Holy shit.

I had no idea that the designers got to talk to the judges for so long. I knew the runway portion was edited, but WOW. Heavily edited! There was a ton of action at those things!

I really enjoyed the reunion show. I think Santino deserved every bit of poo that was dropped in his lap. I really grew to adore Andrae (but that scarf-y thing was a Bit Much!). And I think it’s interesting that the majority of designers pick Daniel V. to win. I wish there had been more conflict between the models and Zuleima (who was amazingly quiet and when she wasn’t being quiet she was being nasty). And I loved that Nick wore his pink tie. So cute.

Now. . . bring on the finale!

I’ve come to disagree. I think he was really just talking smack most of the time and the others took his comments too personally. He was just playing mind games and didn’t mean to be taken seriously.

It’s gotta be awful to go home and watch a show you’re in like that. That being said, don’t people think about the fact that their fellow designers are going to watch the show?! I got a little teary at what’shername, neo-Wendy, when she got a little choked up and said “Maybe I was out of my league.” Daniel V. is a pretty nice guy, what he said to her was very kind.

Even little dorky Diana got one in on Santino - “Well, if he’d been talking about my sewing or something…” I did, I admit, have a little guilty glee at the “Everybody Hates Santino Show”. I mean, this isn’t Survivor. There’s no reason to be mean and every reason not to be. I don’t know how big the fashion world really is, but I know that in most businesses a wise person doesn’t make enemies needlessly.

“They sold like bagels!”

And Tim is one hell of a good sport.

That whole scene was so…awkward. We watched it three times to try and understand what the hell was going on.

The one thing I would’ve like to have seen was Kara and Nick confronting Santino about the jumpsuit. O well.

I can’t wait for the seaon to come out on DVD.

I thought Lupe was on Ludes. I’m still pissed that Santino was sandbagging the whole time. I should have known that that lingerie was an obvious joke. Heidi’s hemming and hawing about how hard that was to judge seals it for me: everyone knew, including the producers.

I don’t think Santino was sandbagging; lots of people produce extremely uneven work, particuarly earlier in their career. My theory is that he really did honestly produce some hideous designs, but being the “hated one” gets you an automatic bye into the final round for “drama”. Like Wendy Pepper last year. It annoys me a LOT; it’s irritating when they do their little playacting, “oh, Daniels’ stuff was so boring”–bah, it was not, and even cat barf would have looked better than Santino’s vision of Heidi, Slut of the Alps. Even the colors were terrible. They just wanted the “edgy, controversial” guy around. But I am still watching, so maybe their ploy works.

No real good revelations, although the model bitching at Zulema was good. As I said, I didn’t think much of their mealy-mouthed bit about the lingerie.

But did you peek as his entries in the big show?

You’d be hard put to convince me that they represent growth stemming from what he did this season. They are in fact elegant and exquisite — quite beautiful honestly, and a cut above the other two. There is not one shred of hideousness of weirdness.

No, and I’m not clicking on your spoiler, either! :smiley: So I’ll get back to you after the final show.

Okely dokely! :slight_smile:

But, in this context, isn’t that a distinction without a difference?

If you “talk smack” and play “mind games” with people specifically to make them uncomfortable and get them upset so you can benefit in the contest, it seems to me that is effectively no different from if you actually mean everything you say about them.

Whether Santino’s insults were made in honesty, or as gamemanship, doesn’t change the fact that they were made and were offensive.

DH happened through the living room while I was watching the ep with Andrae’s meltdown, so he came in to watch the Andrae portion. The man I’ve only managed to make laugh out loud only a handful of times in 15 years was almost crying over the 10-minute weep-fest, and especially when they would cut to Santino giving that shit-eating grin of his. Brilliant TV, that!