proudfootz Is a Troll

I can’t say so in GD, but it needs to be said. Newbie doesn’t always = bridge dweller, but it does in this case.

See for yourself, if you like.

In before the ban!


Well, shit, if even *you *think so, that’s good enough.

He certainly seems to have no particular respect for the “Debate” portion of “Great Debates”, and his engagement seems to mostly be “my cite is my post” and Argument Therapy active negation and gainsaying.

If not a troll, a remarkable simulation.

Shodan Johnson is right.

There is no use denying it,
Our board is turning into shit.

Dude, Kennedy isn’t dead. I saw him marrying people in Las Vegas a few years back. He hasn’t aged a bit.
Fucking “Kennedy is dead” conspiracy.

Why not tell him that the discussion isn’t about the Lone Shooter Theory, it’s about his own theory. Every one of his diversions should be countered with this argument-Ask him about the minute facts of his own theory over and over and fucking over again. Responding to his hijack is useless.

His theory, which is to say the theory that is his …

Not only was it authentic conspiracy theory gibberish, it expressed a logic little seen in this day and age.

Or, you could not engage with him at all. I think that would be the more productive approach. Why not teach algebra to a cat instead? I think you’ll make more progress and have a more rewarding time.

What makes you think I know algebra better than my pets?


You assume that our lives have meaning, or that productivity is our goal.

You make an excellent point.


Still, it would work the other way, you know. Have your cat teach you algebra. And make sure you video it, because SQWEEEE KITTEH!


I called him out within minutes of his first post:

I assumed the thread itself was trolling. I’m actually surprised to see that the OP’s username is different. How good are the mods detection abilities for socks?

Shodan calling someone else a troll :slight_smile:
God I’m gonna giggle all week!

Telemark Johnson is right!

It was obvious that proudfootz was a troll when he started pushing the Democrats are the real Russia colluders theory. No reasonable person could truly believe that. Total trollery.