Psych 1.23.14 - Remake of "Cloudy with a Chance of..."

Did anyone catch the Psych remake this week? Here’s a story on what they were up to. Short version: they did a complete remake of a Season 1 episode, with tons of guest stars. On paper, this sounds like a “we’ve run out of ideas” moment, but in practice it was pretty damn awesome. Funny in it’s own right, lots of easter eggs for fans, enough plot change to keep it interesting, solid performances all around, and the usual “not taking ourselves seriously” vibe that I love.

My favorite moment - Ed Lover: “C’mon son.”

A return to truer form, with a little revisionist history in it - a solid 10 out of 10.

“Yeah, thats right 2006”

Watched it, enjoyed it, but felt like I was missing a lot. The original is available on Netflix streaming, so I’m going to take that in and then watch it again…

Don’t really remember the original (it’s on OnDemand, but I haven’t had time to rewatch it) but even on its own this was pretty good.

I especially liked when Shawn was being critical of horrible remakes (like Dukes of Hazzard, and yeah, he’s right that was garbage) or telling Jules he and she were gonna get together.

No chief, though? Seems like something like this would’ve been good to get her in (at least a little bit) since she’s currently on the outs of the ongoing storyline.

Psych is just phoning it in these days. Shark jumped. Stick a fork in 'em, they’re done.

I thought it was great–very funny! I need to go rewatch the original for comparison.

Reference to Jericho = Tim Omundson.
Reference to Dukes of Hazzard = James Roday.
Surprised there wasn’t a reference to LA Law.

I kinda thought there might have been, when he was talking to Corbin in the hallway.

But there was definitely a reference to Suits. Hell, the entire episode was!

Took me awhile to recognize Morty, the morning show husband. He was the “pool guy” from Seinfeld.

And didn’t Ralph Macchio say something about My Cousin Vinnie? It was only OK, not great or something like that?

Yeah, after Gus or Shawn had said something to the judge about “yutes”.

I thought the episode was freaking hilarious. I was rolling when the lawyer kept reading the notes with weatherman name suggestions. My son and I were literally laying back against the couch where we were sitting, laughing so loud we had to play it back twice to hear all the names.

I liked seeing Ray Wise and Dana Ashbrook from Twin Peaks. Wise played Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks. In this episode of Psych his character was named Judge Horace LeLand.

Yeah, and that was a total coincidence, as the judge in the original Season One version was also called Horace Leland, and was NOT played by Ray Wise!

Ah, I didn’t know that. I’ve never seen the original episode.