Psych Reunion!

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People are still talking to Roday after he went all Hawkeye? I didn’t watch the last few episodes because I wanted to punch him.

Is it gauche to say that I’m…wait for it…*psyched *?

Whatever. He’s BFFs with Dana Ashbrook? When he showed up in “Twin Spires” all I could squeal was, “That’s Bobby!”

Needs a Monk cameo, given that it implied that they met in the final episode.

C’mon son!

Okay, I’ve obviously missed something. I have no idea what you are referring to. Care to share?

Oh my god! Now all we need is a Pushing Daisies reunion and all my dreams would have come true!

Its in December though, that sucks. I don’t want to have to wait for iiiiiiiiittttt.

Toward the end he started dominating what shoulda been an ensemble, even more than he had before. I grew tired of him.

Just realized the actor is older than I am. Makes me feel young.

I think he shared the stage with Hill well, unless that’s not what you mean.

Was Roday a big enough draw to dominate? I certainly don’t think so, but I’m don’t know the backstage drama. Or is that the way the writers and show runners decided to go?

I think Roday had a better deal, producer-power-wise.

I’ll be looking forward to the reunion movie, though. Hope all the old favorites (Mary, Desperaux, Yang, etc) are there and that they put the pineapple in a good place.

I’ve heard it both ways.

Great news! Thanks for the head’s up.

Pretty sure Cary Elwes tweeted something about heading to film the movie.

Good to hear!

Nice. :cool:

Mary would have to be in a flashback, what with him being dead and all.

Good news. Like Psych but have not seen the final season.

Didn’t he show up multiple times after he died?