Pure Evil -- Another kitten naming thread

So this little bundle of trouble found her way into our lives on Wednesday. She is still in need of a name. Can’t find anything that Mr. Askew and I can agree on. Our older cats don’t know what to make of her. She is full on kitten – either bouncing off the walls, eating or asleep. So what say you, the wise and astute of the Dope?
(We do refer to her as pure evil at times because she’s so cute, she can get away with anything.)

And I won’t believe that that widdle bundle has a speck of evil.

Is “The Most Beautiful Kitten I Think I Ever Saw” too long?

ETA: It is? Then how about just Squee?

Sterling (because she’s Silver). Silver?

whadda ya mean ya can’t see the evil in her coach?!? Obviously she has you firmly within her grasp and under her spell from just the pic alone, veeeeryyy strong with the darkside this one is;).

I nominate her name as Fluffy (so original, I know) because that’s what she looks like to me, a Fluffy

Smokey. Or Fog.

You lie. That sweetie is not evil, at all. She is the absolute vision of innocence. She’s a little ‘Pip’. A good name ‘Pip’. That’s my choice.

Macy. Macy Grey. :wink:

Miss Smut (smut being defined as a small flake of ash or soot).


Hmm. She looks like trouble to me. She has a gleam in her eye like she knows she’s in charge.

I have no name suggestions. I always name my animals real people names, and some people think that’s weird.

Now that is a clever one.

pure evil
lyrics Earth

Sounds like they have a problem.

She’s got my 15 year old, alpha cat hiding under a bed. She hasn’t quite figured out the steps, so the older cats are taking refuge upstairs.

The name we are considering is Martini, so we can call her either Marti or Tini for short. We already have cats named Scotch and Soda.
I wanted Thalia, Muse of comedy, but DH isn’t going for it. I also liked Gigi and Zaza, but again, no go from the hubby. I feel like she needs a girly name.

Name one cat who doesn’t.


Call her Speed. It’s what my sister the pharmacist called her new kitten when it was bouncing off the walls. It was fast, and a shout out to the drugs she worked with.

Call her Laurel (Laurel Masse, sings “scotch and soda”). Or Jeannie, it’s a bit like “gin” but a proper name, and Barbara Eden was very pretty (and there’s also the play on djinn/genie). Or Sylvia. Or Mitzi.


“Oh, wicked, bad, naughty Zoot!”