Question about LOST re Jack and his Dad..spoilers

Okay, I’m addicted to the series on Netflix. We see what we think is a flashback (but is really a flash forward) where Jack is a drunk and having a hard time dealing with life.

The supervisor of the hospital calls him out for his drinking and he says something to the effect of “Go upstairs and get my Dad. If he is more sober than me, you can fire me.”

Okay. That works for a flashback, but since it’s a flash forward (after they have gotten off of the island) Jack’s Dad was dead and not working at the hospital. Did I miss something or was this ever explained?

He was drunk and out of his head. That’s why the other doctor reacts the way he does, because he realizes that Jack has lost his grip on reality. Also, it’s a bit of misdirection.

I want to tell you that if you pay very very close attention to the details of Lost it will all make perfect sense in the end. I want to say that, but I can’t because it won’t. Just let the details go and enjoy the ride.

What season/episode are you referring to?

I believe he’s referring to the first part of the Season 3 finale:,_Part_1 (Spoilers likely at the link).

The references to Christian were, IMO, just an attempt to not reveal the nature of the “off the island” plot before the big reveal at the end of the season.

ETA: Jack also attempts to get a script filled using his Dad’s name in the same episode - more misdirection, made more clear by the fact that the pharmacist won’t fill it.

Yes, this is the episode. I understand that misdirection is a valid tool, but it needs to be somewhat explained. And you are correct; Jack tried to fill a script in his Dad’s name. Someone must be really hammered to not realize that his father died years ago. I don’t buy that explanation and consider it a major goof. Anything else legit that has been mentioned?

Don’t let the pikers get you down. LOST, including the end, is awesome (although I will admit that the last season is the weakest). But it does actually make perfect sense in the end, it’s just not all spelled out.

I didn’t like this particular bit at the time, either. But you just have to live with the explanation that Jack was out of his head. (Mild spoiler – remember that Jack has had hallucinations of Christian before. You’ll find out next season that he has had some after coming back, too.)