Questions Only thread

Wait, are we talking about crystal still?

Isn’t that what panache referred to just before me?

Yes, but how could one be crystal and one be…something else? Is that even a thing?

If you “know what will probably happen,” and it doesn’t happen, were you wrong?

Are we back to prognostications, prophecies, predictions and soothsaying again?

Shouldn’t that be “prognostications, prophecies, predictions and psoothsaying”?

Does that remind anyone else about the psychic prediction convention that was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances?

No, were we supposed to have seen that coming?

Am I the only one who’s surprised?

Are you easily surprised? Did you not even expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Does anybody expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Where’s the comfy chair?

Does anybody expect the comfy chair?

Haven’t we already made several forays into MP references on this thread, and now it’s time for something completely different?

Is your name not Bruce, then?

Is he a lumberjack? And is he okay?

Does he sleep all night and work all day?

For that matter, does he cut down trees, eat his lunch and go to the lava’try?

And does he wish he was a girlie just like his dear papa?

And did he ever put on women’s clothing?