Questions Only thread

Does anyone else see what you did there?

See what?

What’s the word that means I can’t see far away?

Blind as a bat, maybe?

Isn’t that more than one word?

Is myopic the one word you are looking for, LilXMo?




Should I feel dumb because I can’t follow the thread anymore?

Even semi-smart people might be a bit confuzzled by now, don’t you think?

You’re not suggesting I could aspire to semi-smart status, are you?

Whyever not? Do you perhaps have some self-esteem issues?

Well, do you think it’s possible that I’m just lazy?

Anything’s possible, innit?

Do you expect ol’ lazy-ass dirtball to come up with an answer to that?

Is your username particularly descriptive, then?

Even if I don’t deny it, you don’t expect me to think things through that thoroughly, do you?

Don’t you think that thinking things thru haphazardly sufficient for this thread?

Would you be offended if I said I thought it was a requirement?