Questions Only thread

Haven’t we sacrificed enough this year already?

And what will we need to sacrifice next year?

Do you think a baseball team would be sufficient?

Which one?

Does it have to be a baseball team?

Could it be a quidditch team?

Would anyone miss Hufflepuff?

What did Hufflepuff do to deserve that?

You’d have to be a really bad shot to miss Hufflepuff, wouldn’t you?

What if I’d rather hit Slytherin?

Would anybody be in a huff if H.R. Pufnstuf joined Hufflepuff?

Do you think someone might make an official complaint to Mayor McCheese?

Who wants to see a cage match between Ronald Mcdonald and the Burger King?

Would it be refereed by Wendy?

Isn’t there a risk they’d pull on her pigtails?

If they did, would she give them a Frosty look? Or a Chili one, perhaps?

Would you like fries with that?

:musical_note: “Do fries go with that shake?” :musical_note:

What, are we singing now?

You call that singing?