Questions Only thread

Didn’t you hear that?

Is that from an actual song?

You want me to Google that for you?

Are you not familiar with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic?

Do I Need to Be?

Is that an existential question?

The capitalizations Must Be Significant, don’t you think?

Don’t they signify that Something Very Important is being said?

Couldn’t they just mean that there’s a sticky caps lock key?

Shall we speculate exactly why his computer keys would be sticky?

Did he spill a soft drink on them?

Or a hard drink?

Would that break the keyboard?

Why wouldn’t it?

What kind of wimpy keyboard would break from a little alcohol being spilled on it?

How do we know if it was just a little?

How much was it?

Would anyone know at this point?

Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Who else possibly could?