Questions Only thread

Perhaps the Shadow?

Does the Shadow ALWAYS know?

Does he just know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, or does he know other stuff too?

He probably knows his mom’s name, don’t you think?

Question is, did she come up with the name “Lamont?”

What’s wrong with “Lamont”?

Do you personally know anybody whose first name is “Lamont?”

Isn’t that the name of the huge knight from Game of Thrones?

But isn’t “Lamont” a better name than “Lament”?

And isn’t “Lament” a much better name than “Laminate”

Didja forget your question mark at the end, there, Sparky?

What would happen if everybody forgot the question mark?

Then wouldn’t we have to rename the thread to “Statements Only”?

How could you read my post and see it as anything but a question, even without the mark?

Can’t the wording indicate a question?

Is there anything that wording cannot indicate?

An exclamation point could transform it entirely, don’t you think? And isn’t it best, in a thread like this, to always include a question mark anyway?

Isn’t it no more effort than using an exclamation point?

So none of you have ever forgot to press a key before?

How did typewriter keys get the name “keys,” anyhow?