Quick Macintosh IE 5 question

How the hell do I change my homepage? In my older version there was a “Home/Search” category under “Preferences” where you could change these, but IE 5 doesn’t have this…


Go the Edit->Preferences menu item. Go to the item “Browser display” (which may be hidden under the item “Web Browser” so hit the little triangle if it’s not visible). You will see the Home Page item on that screen.

No Home Page item under “browser display” whatsoever.

Did they just forget to put that in the Mac version? Aaarrggghh.

I guarantee it is in there, I looked at the very window in IE5 while I wrote this reply in Netscape.

Let me reiterate:

  1. Go to Edit->Preferences
  2. locate the item in the left-hand scrolling window entitled “Browser Display.”
  3. Look at the right side of the Browser Display panel. Notice it is divided into three sections, entitled “Toolbar Settings,” “Home Page,” and “Keyboard Accessiblity.”
  4. In the Home Page section there is a big empty field to enter the URL of your desired default home page.

As my late grandfather used to say, “if it was a snake, it woulda bit ya!”

You can simply control-click on the page you want to set as your home page. In the pop-up menu that appears is the option “Set Home Page.” Just select it and voila!

woohoo, discopants, you rock! that worked.