Quick Reply is back! Yay!

:slight_smile: Quick Reply is back! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Jerry!

How does the multiquote thing work?

I’m clicking it and nothing’s happening

Ah, that’s how…

you clcik the multiquote buttons then click on one of the ‘quote’ buttons.

Cool feature. Hope it stays.

OK, that’s kid of cool.

Yay Quick Reply! I missed it!

Can we remove the need to click one of the Quick Reply icons to activate it?


I will sacrifice a lamb at the altar of Jerry tomorrow, for yea, quick post is as manna from heaven.


Edit: And in pointless reply to someone in another thread: Hey, I’ve noticed that my signature is on by default.

Quick Reply isn’t working for me. :frowning:

Did you try clicking a quick reply icon?

(They’re on the far right/bottom of each post)

Yes, it really wasn’t working for a while today.

Aaaaand sigs are on by default?

Speel chek isnt werkin fer da qwik repli boxx. Me thinks its cuz da boxx isnt “big nuff”.

I think Firefox thinks it’s one long single line or something, like the title (which is the reason misspeeled words in titles are relatively common).

It works for Firefox on a Mac.

If you right click in the box, there may be an option to “spell check this field” which will ever after be permanently on for these kinds of Quick Reply boxes in other vbulletin messageboards.

I think.