Quickreply - Sig on. Quote reply - Sig off.

I’ve just discovered this. I keep forgetting to uncheck my sig so I’m just going to start using quote reply.

Sigs are on by default now?


mine isn’t :confused:

Look down at the bottom left of your post, there’s a ‘quote’ button, a ‘multiquote’ button and a ‘quick reply’ button. Press the quick reply button, then start typing in the box underneath… or not, but look at the 'show your signature checkbox. Is it on?
I’ve been in the habit of using quickreply (saves having to load another window). Perhaps the Admins need to look at this one to turn SYS (Show Your Sig) off (it’s off on the others)

It turns out habits are hard to break.

Hmm, I had not noticed that…

Yep, this is something we need to address. With Jerry’s help, I’m afraid.