Quick way to scroll to end of bookmarks?

I probably have several hundred pages bookmarked in both IE and Mozilla. I’ve been lazy and never bother to organize them. If I want to get to a bookmark at the end of the list I have to sit my mouse at the end and wait forever for it to scroll to the bottom. PgDn and End don’t seem to do anything. Does anyone know a way to jump right the end of the bookmark list, in both IE and Mozilla?

This is one of life’s little annoyances that still manages to ruin my day.

Two possibilities here.

What’s the first letter of your “last” item? Let’s say it’s (I hope this doesn’t exist!) zeppelinse.cx. Click on Favorites, then hit the “Z” key. Bing! You’re taken to the Z entries. You can do this with any letter of the alphabet, so long as that letter is the first letter in a bookmark’s name. If you hit “Z” and have no “Z” items, nothing happens.

Next idea, and since you appear to have lots of bookmarks is to organize them into folders. You can either do this entirely in your browser, or in Explorer - Look for it in Documents and Settings\username\Favorites or just search for a folder named Favorites. This way is less likely to lead to unintentional opening of pages and doesn’t tend to disappear from the screen if you click outside the window.

In IE, using up-arrow when sitting on the top item of the list wraps around to the bottom of the list.