RAndom, Mundane, and Pointless Stuff-Take Six!

Well, Melin wasn’t here to start this (::sniff: :slight_smile: so I will. the other one was getting to stinkin’ long!

My second interview with the software company today! Hooray! I’m really excited. Boy I sure hope I get this job!! Had a great weekend over Labor Day. My friend I was “tour-guiding” around (her being originally from Louisiana and now from Tennessee), when she saw all the wetlands Michigan has, asked “Do you guys have gators up here [as in alligators]” It was all I could do to keep from busting out, bless her heart! No, definately not. Oooh, that’s one I’ll be telling for a while. My hubby gave me the I-can’t-believe-she-asked-that look when I told him.

Apologies for not saying it earlier, but congratulations, BunnyGirl and Greg Charles! I hope all goes well for both of you!

Time to let my cat out of the bag. In mid-July, I decided that I’m not satisfied with my job, nor am I satisfied with where I live. Since then I’ve been looking for a career in the Midwest or Southeast, where I won’t be so friggin’ far away from any given member of my family. Career-wise I’ve learned that there’s something to be said for working day-to-day with a product that’s exciting to you (in my case, anyway). I’m partciularly interested in moving to Atlanta or Chicago, but there are plenty of other cities that I’m considering. I’m finally getting some bites on my resume. I had a phone interview yesterday, which went well. Now it’s on to the next level.

My main concern all along has been the idea of selling my house - paying mortgage until it sells, real estate agent fees, the possibility of not getting what it’s worth, etc. But I’ve also come to the realization that this is a short-term concern - i.e. I shouldn’t let my house be a trap that keeps me from being happy in the long-run. Maybe I’ll rent it out - at least until the seller’s market picks up.

BTW, BunnyGirl, you should get a CD of Carmina Burana. The whole thing is awesome! My favorite is the In Taberna where the guys get to sing about drinkin’. I highly recommend the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus recording. Yes, I’m one of those people who looks to see what orchestra/chorus is performing before purchasing a classical CD!

Just got home from a 6 day vacation to PA and DC this morning. My 16 month old son was perfect the entire trip. Saw a few exhibits at the various Smithsonian institutes that were nice and blew some money at IKEA on the drive home via Pittsburgh.

I am presently organizing one bookshelf with holders of sorts to make our bookshelf look more orderly. The problem is that I didn’t buy enough - 8. I probably need 25. Fudge. We are going to make another trip to IKEA in Novemeber. I love that store.

I was wondering about you today bunnygirl…

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the new job.

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone!!

Shirley, glad to hear the trip went well. This sure seems like a pretty HOT time to visit DC. Was the weather too bad? Went there for my brother-in-law’s wedding awhile back in August and it was HUMID and HOT!!

Strainger, GOOD LUCK on the job search! I know selling our house in Tennessee was a huge issue for us; really we couldn’t move till we did 'cause we needed the money we (thought) were going to get from the sale to move. Guess how much we netted? $94.00 Yes,$94.00. I forgot how much title insurance and all that crap was and it ate up quite a bit. We’d only been in the house a year too. Do you have a good friend that would be willing to watch the house for you or maybe one that would want to rent it while trying to sell it? It’s always easier to sell an occupied house: it looks more like “home”. After working for a homebuilder/real estate company in TN, I know quite a few tricks. They’re mostly psychological but they work. Thanks for the reference on the CD; next time I’m due to buy something from BMG, I’ll see if they have the ASO production of it. My advice? Screw Atlanta. Come to Chicago or the Midwest. Atlanta’s a big Charlie Foxtrot of a place. Keep us posted!!

Greg Charles, when do you start your new job?! I forgot from the other thread!

I start Monday, and thanks for asking! I’ve been checking this thread regularly to see if your offer has come through yet. Let us know when it does.

Thanks to Strainger, I’m going to give Carmina Burana another listen, especially In Taberna. I don’t have the CD, but I do have it on a record. (Note: a record is a flat, black disk formerly used as a medium for sound recordings.) I picked it up a few years ago for 50 cents, but haven’t ever really got past O Fortuna either.

Hey, watch it there BunnyGirl. I grew up in Atlanta! :wink: As far as CF goes, if you’re talking about the traffic, you’re absolutely correct. I’m aiming for the metro area. Chicago is an awesome city. I love the culture there. Two things about moving to the Midwest: 1) I imagine my blood is pretty damn thin now (brrrrr) from living in Arizona and 2) I’d have to learn to drive in the snow! Small sacrifices, I suppose.

Really, the house is the only thing that would make me hesitant about moving. I do plan to use it as a negotiating tactic. Thanks for the offer; I’ll probably hit you up for some homeselling tips when the time comes!

Greg Charles, I was strictly an O Fortuna listener, too, until I sang Carmina 2 years ago with the Choral Union. Then I found out what I was missing!

Strainger, I’m not sure what industry you’re in, but if Des Moines, Iowa appears on your list of alternatives at all:

Great real estate market. Low prices, not-terrible property taxes, a lot of different neighbourhoods (even the “bad” part of town is relatively calm, it’s currently the hot area for rehabilitation)

As a teenager, I hated it here, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to love it. I have a bunch of links to different Des Moines-based websites, if you’re interested.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Chris, I read a funny travel book by Bill Bryson (can’t remember the name) and he said (after growing up in Des Moines) that it’s one of those places that people stop in to visit and suddenly, 30 years later, find themselves having lived there 1/2 their life!

Guys, nothing yet today. My boss is in the office and I’m having a hard time not telling him that I’m leaving (cause I don’t have anything FIRM yet…)-hate to have him talking like I’m going to be here all the time. Ugh! Hope I hear soon.

Strainger, whoops! Sorry about dissing your hometown. I’ve been to Atlanta a couple times and it was just…well…too much, I guess, for my little Midwestern self. Chicago is a great city too. Dress warm! This winter was kind of hard for me since I’d been living in TN for the past 3 years. My blood seemed pretty thin too.

After one month of waiting since my telephone interview with HugeInsuranceInc. (name changed to protect the guilty) I finally got a call from human resources.

Yes, I finally have an interview.

With the UNIX guy.

I should be studying!


Chris, thanks for your help. The only reason I’m not looking at Des Moines is because it’s too far away from anyone in my family (6+ hrs to Chicago, according to Mapquest). It’s my goal to be about 5 hours or less than any given member of my family. I’m very close to my family and would like to spend more time with them - something I’m not doing now. I eliminated New Orleans from consideration for the same reason. I do appreciate your input, though! So far I’ve considering the following cities: Atlanta (+ surrounding area); Huntsville, AL; Chicago; Charlotte, NC; Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. Connecting these cities creates a geographic area that I have dubbed “The Strain Strip.”

BunnyGirl, no offense taken! Atlanta is pretty overwhelming and has become more so over the past few years. BTW, the Bill Bryson book you’re refering to is The Lost Continent. It immediately came to my mind after I read Chris’s post. Good read!

Ugh, I think it’s about time for me to tell the girlfriend that I’m no longer happy out here and wish to move back East. Especially since I can honestly say, “It’s not you, it’s Arizona.” Why can’t she piss me off, or something? It would be a lot easier that way!

lovelee, I went to you website and am still laughing as I type this. Oops, gotta stop a clean up the Pepsi that just shot out my nose.

I see you have a link to the Church of the Subgenious there too. Did you download the Foggy text generator. It is absolutely hilarious. Here’s a sample.

On that analysis, a completely-specified evaluation metric is not quite equivalent to the management-by-contention principle. Under these circumstances, the theory of syntactic features developed earlier adds overwhelming Folkloristic significance to Krapp’s Last Tape.

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

“Subgenious?” I must be. How about Subgenius. See anyone can learn.

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

Actually, connecting those cities creates more of a pie wedge than a strip. I haven’t come up with an alliterative name for it yet.

BunnyGirl, good luck in your situation! Greg, congrats on your new gig!

lovelee, good luck in your interview!

How 'bout “Strainge Pie”? Kind of like “Strange Brew”, eh? Hey, Take Off, ya hoser!

BunnyGirl, good one, eh. However, vanity requires that I use my real moniker in naming the wedge instead of my SDMB screen name.

I need to rent that movie again.

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! I got it! Yesssss! ::happy dance, happy dance::
Got the job…plus a $2,000 increase in salary. Geez,what a relief! I’ll be starting on the 20th. Thanks heavens! Now I just have to tell my boss. He’s a nice guy too; just doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on in my end of the pool.

lovelee, great site!

Today is my little brother’s 15th birthday. I sent a bunch of balloons to his school with various messages like “Happy Bar Mitzvah” and “Happy Anniversary” and “Over the Hill” and other totally inappropriate things considering it’s just his birthday. Then I ordered a bouquet of roses from a ‘secret admirer’ so he really will have no idea what’s going on. I love it!

He’s such a macho little kid, this will beat a little of that out of him. heh.


Yeah, Bunny Girl! WE here at SDMB, you know, your imaginary friends :slight_smile: knew you would get the job.

Of course, the rule is that you have to buy your friends here a round of drinks to celebrate your good fortune. :wink: