Rate my one-panel comic idea 1-10

This occurred to me in the shower this morning, out of the blue.

I am not an artist, so I’ll have to rely on conveying my cartoon in words:

A cowboy/rancher type guy is leaning against a wooden fence, picking his teeth with a piece of straw (think Gary Larson style of drawing).

At his feet are two Dachshunds, going at each other viciously, teeth bared.

The caption: “Why can’t you get along, little doggies?”

Amusing? Or not so much?


amusing, but I’m not sure how to vote. I would vote it as Larson quality, but one of his lesser ones.
So if 0 is not funny at all. I’d give it a 4.

If you think 5 is not funny, and anything less is sickening, then I’d give it a 6

Objectively amusing, but not very clever. And possibly too dated to be understood by those under the age of 35.

Yeah, I’d give it a 4 also.

I laughed out loud. I rarely do that.

Don’t you love it when an idea comes upon you like that? Even if you don’t quit your day job to become the next Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”), you should chuckle to yourself for days about this.

And feel proud of yourself. In this age of recycled experiences, you had an original idea.

I would change the caption to simply “Get along, little doggies.”

Cowboys gotta keep it simple.

But still pretty funny.

I went a 6; great art would pull that to maybe a 8.

That’s what you think about in the shower?

It’s a ziggy!

You charlatan. I chuckled, not laugh out loud funny but not bad. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he should make it more timely. Like, have one dog look like Rodney King and a bunch of other dogs dressed like cops that are beating the shit out of him, and the caption is “can we all get along, little doggies?”

Isn’t it “dogies”? /wet blanket

I’m 33, and I chuckled.

Old Fart :slight_smile:

I liked it.

Of course, the secret of success in the comic strip business isn’t coming up with a good gag. It’s coming up with a new good gag seven days a week for fifteen years. Or having a merchandizable animal character.

Cute. Grandma joke. 5/10.

Let me be the first to say “huh?”

Now that’s funny! That I’d give an 8!

Perhaps if you out the two together, you’d have a winner.

Timely? That was like 25 years ago, dude. Damn, Daniel! That’s timely.

Panache is already out. I don’t know about MMM.

Barest crack of a smile, but understanding the humor. 3/10 from me.

I gave it a 4. A Larson like artist could bring it up.