Rate your weekend from 1 to 10

with a brief explanation.

Mine started as a 5. SO doesn’t like to go out, I like to hit the town occasionally, so for once we did my thing Friday night, and he could have been a little more animated IMO. .
Saturday was a 10.
[Office Space] “We did nothing, and it was everything we thought it could be.” [/Office Space]
Rainy day= a succession of naps, Travel channel, couch, order-in Steak Out, Trivial Pursuit…Ahhhhh…that was the life!

I’d say it was a 9. Would have been a 10, but the damn elephant kept moving around.

  1. Went to see Spider-Man. Drove to Indianapolis with a couple of friends for teh Star Wars Celebration II Geekfest (which wasn’t all it was cracked up to be but I did have a couple of once in a lifetime experiences.) Called in sick on Sunday. Had to knock a couple of points off though since I didn’t get laid at any point :slight_smile:

An 11. Spent it with the SO. Chilling out, eating good food, having fun. The only downer was when he left Sunday.

Definitely a 2.

Caught a yucky cold on Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday totally miserable. Went to see my doctor on Saturday and he said “eurgh!” when he saw my throat. Threw a mini tantrum later that day due to sickness, fever and general crapiness.

It would have been a 0, but I was pampered by my boyfriend and my parents all weekend. And I discovered a killer brand of lozenges (Difflam) that really works. I highly recommend it to anyone out there with a sore throat.


The Point-To-Point Race & Party was this weekend, and the weather was perfect, but I got sunburned, too.


Studying for finals. But next weekend’s going to be a 12+!



Mine was an 8. On Friday, I went out with friends and had a good time. Saturday, I went to choir practice; later on, I looked after some kids. They had lots of fun when we face-painted them! :slight_smile: On Sunday, I went to church (saw friends and all that) and got a ride home early… that was so good! Then I went to karaoke at a friend’s sister’s house: the star attraction was my friend Mark, who’s Caucasian and sang some Mandarin song five times! :slight_smile: (he had to, because everyone who came late HAD to hear it!)

The only points I would take off for the weekend was that, as usual, I thought my parents and sibs (mostly my sister; my brother’s not there nearly enough to be THAT annoying) were being irritating. I realize that they aren’t really that way on purpose (some of the time), but seriously sometimes I react badly to them. Thank goodness I live by myself, otherwise it would really make me go off the deep end!

[ul][li]Saw Blue Man Group Friday evening: 10[/li][li]Drank 1000 shots of tequila and vomited a lot: 3[/li][li]Hungover all day saturday: 2[/li][li]Picked up sister at airport saturday night and hung out at the hot tub at her dad’s condo: 8[/li][li]Relaxed, napped sunday: 6[/li][li]Seriously uncomfortable dinner conversation about death: 2[/li][li]Phone sex sunday night: 9[/li][/ul]

Remarkably polar, for sure. I’d give it an overall rating of about 6 or 7, though.

Friday: 3. Dreaded work, wasted time, work not as horrible as could be, but didn’t get to see potential sweetie, so no fun.

Saturday:1. Slept bad, ate little, looong baaad day at work, angry most of time, sad the rest, got tired, got sore, poured out sorrows to cow-orker, got home, ate late, couldn’t sleep when I needed to.

Sunday: 2. Slept bad again, wasted time, didn’t try to call potential sweetie- seemed pointless, brooded about that, talked to good friend, went to SDMB to cheer up, didn’t feel like eating all day.

Slightly worse than typical weekend. YMMV

Thursday: Last final, followed by end of year party at a bar.
Friday: played basketball all afternoon, pool party at night.
Saturday: Went to the Cards-Braves game in the afternoon, saw Spiderman at night.
Sunday: more basketball in the afternoon, went to a barbecue in the evening, then a bar for some darts.

Friday night at the local gay pub: 8.5

Friday night when I knocked over my keyboard by accident: 3

Saturday morning (afternoon, really): 4

Saturday night at the same pub: 10 (I watched a funny drag show, and met someone)

Sunday, around 5 AM: 6

Sunday, waking up at 5 PM: 3

Sunday night: 5

Monday morning: -10

  • s.e.

Perfect 10!

Took the family to Chicago; 70 degrees and sunny each day; Botanic Garden, Brookfield Zoo; ate at Maggiano’s, virtually no traffic; stayed in a suite hotel with private bedroom (hint, hint, nudge, nudge - know what I mean?)