Re Susanann: Do Not Feed The Idiot

Susanann is not a troll; she holds her beliefs sincerely, and isn’t trying to get a fight going just for the fun of it.

But she is an irrational, illogical, clueless idiot. Watching others take her on in the Parents of Young Children: Do You Worry About Their Future? thread, all I could think of was, it’s exactly how it always went when we would try to use logic and evidence in an argument with my mother. It’s rarely if ever worked with Mom in the past half-century, and it’s not likely to work with Susanann either.

Really, best to just work around her, rather than take her on. Even when she’s wildly wrong, you’re not going to show her the error of her ways; she’ll just find a new way for the argument you’re having with her to get even more stupid and (for you) more frustrating.

Just let her be wrong on the Internet. That way, a stupid Susanann post like the one at #8 in the linked thread won’t wind up taking over what otherwise might’ve been an interesting discussion.

Wow. Hijacked that thread quick n’ proper, didn’t she?


No she didn’t. The question of the OP was weather people worried about the future of their children. Several people expressed concern about the kind of world they would grow up in. Susanna agreed and specified the exact things of the world she was concerned about. The people deciding to debate Susannas concerns rather than adress the topic of the op, they derailed the thread.

What’s up with Susanann and the RANDOM!!! emphasis in her posts? Typist’s Tourette’s?

Maybe she knows she’s bad at vB coding and prefers caps and multiple exclamation points where you or I would use italics or boldface. Or she learned to write screeds back in the time of typed mimeographed 'zines and has kept the habit.

Now, she *may *indeed be an irrational, illogical, clueless idiot who is sticking to her irrational, illogical, clueless guns entirely sincerely, but, both Rune and the OP are right, we don’t have to fight un until we “defeat” her. The fighting ignorance bit can be dealt with by a straightforward factual correction, with cite, if she posts something objectively misinformed; perhaps a :rolleyes: if she insists, and then move along back to the thread.

It TOTALLY!!! reminds me of the writing style of middle aged flyover country housewives. Like your spouse’s aunt who is always forwarding you CHAIN!!! emails about THOSE FOREIGNERS!!! crushing a little boy’s arm for stealing some bread or something. If the SDMB allowed avatars, hers would be an animated angel. If she posted a picture of herself, she would be wearing a baby blue sweater with a cat who had gemstones for eyes. Sorry, EYES!!!

Anyway, I was kind of pissed that Kyla got a Mod note for her post inthis thread about the Roman Colosseum. To sum up, I told Susanann she didn’t know what she was talking about, and Kyla posted that that was a reasonable response to all posts of Susanann, which is pretty much one of those truths like water being wet. I couldn’t believe that was considered a personal attack… but whatever. The point is, RTFirefly is correct, Susanann is a useless idiot who should be ignored by all. I’m sure she’s got some scrapbooking to do or something.

I just took a gander at the thread linked to in the OP. :eek: Wow. If you’ve ever wondered just who’s buying Glenn Beck’s gold, I think you have your answer.

Susanann has never pinged my radar before but judging from that one post alone, she seems to be overflowing with cynisism. I almost feel sorry for her.

All that negativity aint no way to go through life.

Considering that the standard of living has been going up for people all over the world, that life expectancies are at an all-time high, and that our world is more highly educated than ever before, you’d think her outlook would be a little rosier.

It has its faults, but it sounds like she should read The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse, by Gregg Easterbrook.

I think her crystal ball is channeling a Mad Max trilogy TV broadcast.

Well, THAT!!! was entertaining. In a pschobabbly, off our meds sort of way.

I think she’s kind of hilarious. No matter what the thread, her post always contains a rant about immigration. Every problem in the entire world is the fault of those damn Mexicans. It’s rather fun to see how she’ll work it in.

Love **beartato’s **description.

She is hilarious, but her “The US will have 1 billion people in 100 years!” schtick is frustrating. She won’t see reason (or reasonable cites) and she won’t back down.

Meanwhile, in 100 years she’ll be dead. So it’s a little hard to make predictions about population that far in the future.

I just read this:

And I reading that and laughing like a drunk Klingon. The Onion would be so proud.

I mean that’s gold Jerry, gold!
but then she finishes it off with:

That was just beautiful. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. That one line took it to a new a level.

I’m really hoping it’s parody cause otherwise I feel like a jerk for laughing at a crazy person.

She’s the worst kind of idiot. She thinks she knows shit that she has no clue about. Over in GQ she’s telling us how “puzzled” she is that Japanese aren’t committing suicide in droves over the nuclear incident. How dare they not live up to her prejudiced stereotype!!

Silver Lining: FOUND!

Well, to quote John Maynard Keynes, “In the long run we are all dead.”

BTW, for someone who rails against Communists so much, I find it ironic how profoundly anti-capitalistic she is.

She’s a racist, populist, isolationist. And an idiot.

Well in fairness I don’t think it’s very ironic. Let’s be super ironic and say Stalin was Capitalism, and Hitler was Communism.

Okay I don’t know if that level metaphorical irony is safe but let’s live dangerously.

Hitler and Stalin considered themselves to be ideological opposites, however they were both evil. They both get hated for very good reasons. Because one hates Hitler does not prevent one from hating Stalin.

Being anticommunist does not follow that one is procapitalist.